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The off-season is inevitably a time of prediction and speculation, an ideal time to ponder the hypotheses that the Pittsburgh Steelers will face next year, including free agencies, drafts, and field performances. Or some more temporary topics.

That’s what we’re trying to cover in our buy or sell series. Each article introduces a topic statement and weighs some of the discussions for buying (agreeing or expecting to be true) or selling (disagreeing or expecting to be wrong) it. To do. ..

The scope of the topic is deliberately broadened, from general to concrete, from immediate to distant future. And since we all tend to have an opinion on almost everything, I encourage you to share yourself every morning in the topic statement of the day.

Topic statement: Dionte Johnson will be the third largest recipient in 2021 with the re-signature of Juju Smith-Schuster.

Description: Needless to say, the Steelers gave Smith-Schuster $ 8 million to play less than he played. With the rapid development of Chase Claypool, it’s no wonder Johnson has become a bystander for many 1- and 2-receiver sets. Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger is targeting him in large numbers.


Ben Roethlisberger can make the claim of three other players who have trusted more in the pass than Juju Smith-Schuster. They are Hines Ward, Heath Miller and Antonio Brown. There is a reason Smith-Schuster is the man who chucks the ball four yards before the third down first down marker. He doesn’t come out of the field.

And Chase Claypool is just playing towards the field, as Smith-Schuster did early in his career. This is the kind of player that cannot take off. Johnson is a great route runner, but his ball security and balance issues raise concerns about how reliable you can be with him.

The Steelers don’t really make a difference, as 85-90% of the time to throw the ball can be included in the three receiver sets anyway. Johnson doesn’t tend to block running situations that are unlikely to be in the field with two receiver sets anyway.


But it’s hard to ignore how much Roethlisberger likes Johnson. He was basically targeted 144 times last season in 13 games. Roethlisberger has returned to him over and over again, even while he is in the midst of a drop problem. The open man got the ball and Johnson opened it.

Claypool still has something to do to prove that he is what he needs right away. He caught only 57% of last season’s passes and was also charged a share of the drop. And when it comes to Smith-Schuster, he’s not a selfish player on the field and he’ll have no problem getting out. Three of them rotate quite a lot, regardless of the amount of two receiver sets you actually use, and can make a meaningful distinction.

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Buy or Sell: Diontae Johnson will be the 3rd WR in 2021 Buy or Sell: Diontae Johnson will be the 3rd WR in 2021

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