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The regular season is the culmination of extensive research into whether your team will be that year. At this point, you have gone through free agencies, drafts, training camps, and preseason. As long as you can create clarity without playing meaningful games, you are happy with your decision. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty, whether at the beginning or end of the regular season, and new ones are being developed continuously over time.

That’s what we’re trying to cover in our buy or sell series. Each article introduces a topic statement and weighs some of the discussions for buying (agreeing or expecting to be true) or selling (disagreeing or expecting to be wrong) it. To do. ..

The scope of the topic is deliberately broadened, from general to concrete, from immediate to distant future. And since we all tend to have an opinion on almost everything, I encourage you to share yourself every morning in the topic statement of the day.

Topic statement: Drive back Najee Harris for a series of second 100-yard rush games with the Seattle Seahawks.

explanation: After a total of 185 yards of rush with 55 carries in the first four games, Harris broke a bit last Sunday and accumulated 122 yards on the ground in 23 rush attempts. 1 year. The Seahawks have the worst defenses and rush defenses in this year’s league.


  1. This is the number of yards Seahawks has given up on the ground so far this season, facing 162 trials and enabling 4.5 yards per carry, 5 scores. So far, only the Los Angeles Chargers have allowed more yards on the ground. And for those who hate math, it’s 145.2 yards per game.

Denver Broncos defended much better in a hurry, and the Steelers were able to make them look pretty pedestrian, at least for the most part, while Harris was running the ball.

The attack is finally beginning to find its rhythm, which appeared last week. Another soft defense heading for the goodbye week will only help them grow further and they will decide to take a break with positive notes. A continuous 100-yard game will be the main feather of this aggressive line cap.


The Seahawks have traditionally set tight schedules for teams that like to run the ball, especially the Tennessee Titans who played overtime. So far, they have allowed at least 100 yards of ground in all games, but have given up individual players, including Derrick Henry of the Titans, only twice in the 100-yard rush game.

And while this aggressive line played a solid match last week, there was still plenty of room for improvement. They are not ready to begin dominating trenches every week. And what if Harris cramps again? At least a night game, is this a weekly issue?

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Buy or Sell: Nagy Harris gets a second straight 100-yard lashing game vs Seahawks Buy or Sell: Nagy Harris gets a second straight 100-yard lashing game vs Seahawks

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