Byron Allen’s net worth (updated 2021)

What is Byron Allen’s net worth?

Net worth:$ 400 million
birth:April 22, 1961
Country of origin:United States of America
Source of wealth:Professional comedian
Last updated:2020


Byron Allen is an American businessman, former comedian, television producer, philanthropist, and founder, owner, chairman, and chief executive officer of an entertainment studio.

As of 2021, Byron Allen’s net worth is approximately $ 400 million.

early life

Byron Allen Forks was born on April 22, 1961 in Michigan. His interest in show business began when he took his mother to Burbank’s NBC Studio in his childhood, where he worked as a spokeswoman.

At the age of 14, Allen put together his first stand-up routine and began appearing on amateur nights at comedy clubs in the Los Angeles area.


At the age of 18, Allen made his television debut at the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. One of his early roles was as a regular presenter of the NBC Series Real People throughout the show.

His show “Jammin” was featured as “Kickin’It with Byron Allen” in 1992 and by the end of its run was on the list of the longest running US television series.

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That same year, he partnered with Sinclair Broadcast Group to acquire Fox Sports Networks, forcing the Walt Disney Company to sell as a condition of purchasing 21st Century Fox.

As of 2021, Byron Allen’s net worth is $ 400 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Byron Allen’s career:

  • Bloomberg 50 (2018)
  • 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs at the Goldman Sachs Builders & Innovators Summit (2018)
  • He was commended as a Distinguished Guest Speaker (2018)

Favorite quote from Byron Allen

“When you start punishing and censoring comedians, it’s a really bad sign of us because Americans lose the rights to our First Amendment. As a comedian, I’m going to push the boundaries. You Some people like it and some people hate it. But this is America. Great people have died because we have this right. “ – Byron Allen

“I personally knew Sammy Davis and worked with him. When I was a 19-year-old stand-up comedian, Sammy Jr. hired me to open for him at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It was. – Byron Allen

“At least in poverty-stricken areas, the internet needs to be free. Without access to the internet and information, poverty-stricken households cannot catch up with households that cross the poverty line, and the African-American community. Will go deep into the Stone Age. “ – Byron Allen

“When Real People aired in 1979, we were OK in Los Angeles and New York. It was a rating from the middle of the country that kept the show from being canceled, and that’s what we did. After that, I learned from the co-sponsorship that it was important to focus on the country between Los Angeles and New York. “ – Byron Allen

“Al Sharpton doesn’t matter. He’s just a black pawn in a very sophisticated white economical chess game.” – Byron Allen

Three powerful lessons from Byron Allen

Byron Allen Success Lesson

I understand everything about Byron Allen’s net worth and how he succeeded. Let’s take a look at some lessons that can be learned from him.

1. What you resist, what you last

What you are focusing on expands, and what you resist not only lasts, but also grows in size. And if you want to shrink something and remove it from your life, you need to stop feeding it by fighting it.

2. Life is all about traveling, not destination

Often, we focus too much on our big dreams and goals and forget to enjoy this journey, called life. Always remember that this moment is everything in life. Life is all about traveling, not about destinations.

3. People deserve a second chance

The moment you forgive someone, they can give them a second chance, a chance to be near you, without trying to remind you of what they did. Rather as you wish.


Byron Allen is an American comedian and television producer who made his television debut in “Tonight’s Show Starring Johnny Carson.” Allen is characterized by being the youngest stand-up comedian in history to appear on the show.

Today, Byron’s companies produce more than 30 national syndicated shows, generating $ 100 million in annual revenue, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As of 2021, Byron Allen’s net worth is $ 400 million.

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