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As of January 1, 2020 Cadillac There were 882 retailers in the United States, 153 of which were independent brand showrooms. In 2008, the brand launched more than 1,400 franchises nationwide, with about 500 franchises disappearing shortly after General Motors went bankrupt. If the new report is accurate, this number is expected to be halved by 2022.

Automotive News GM has reported that it wants to significantly reduce the number of Cadillac dealers in the United States, and about 20 percent of its current franchise is expected to be abandoned by the end of 2021. About 150 people have already said goodbye to GM As previously reported. On average, the US Cadillac brand sells less than 180 cars a year, while BMW and Mercedes-Benz showrooms sell more than 900 cars a year.

Looking at the current situation, more than 700 dealers are multi-branded, reducing the risk of continuing Cadillac to adapt to the changing brand strategy. Recently, General Motors told Cadillac dealers to invest about $ 200,000 End the game with mods, charging stations, and worker training, or accept buyouts.

George Caloris, president of the Presidio Group, a dealer advisory firm in Georgia, said:And California, comment Automotive News..

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Cadillac stores in larger states and markets generally appear to be more open to investing in Marche’s new strategy of selling only electric vehicles by the end of the next decade. The situation is different in smaller states where EVs are expected to become less attractive, making it more difficult for dealers to recover huge investments.

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Cadillac dealer network will be halved by 2022 compared to 2008 Cadillac dealer network will be halved by 2022 compared to 2008

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