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Cage Warriors Champion Jake Hadley I am ready to take his career to the next level.

Undefeated UK outlook recently won a promotional flyweight title with a landslide unanimous victory over Luke Shanks Cage Warriors 117 In December he says he’s ready to compete with the top UFC candidates for £ 125.

Hadley (7-0) believes his resume speaks for itself, even though there aren’t many professional fights under his belt.

“I think I should have been in the UFC for a long time,” Hadley told MMA Junky Radio. “Yes, I’ve only had seven fights in my career, not so many, but when I look at the last four opponents, Nkazimulo Zulu is in” The Ultimate Fighter, “EFC World Champion, Flyweight, and Bantamweight. I was participating. He fought 15 professional battles. Blaine O’Driscoll was a world champion. Shajidul Haque defeated all the top men in Britain and Europe, in addition to 15 battles. Luke Shanks is the champion of Cage Warriors.

“All these guys I’m defeating are the top guys. They’re also at the UFC level. I’m defeating all the top guys. I feel like I’m already ready for the UFC. I’ve been ready for a long time and I feel like I’m fit for a long time. “

Cage Warriors is a proven stepping stone for the UFC, with Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, Jack Hermansson and others competing early in their careers. However, due to the UFC’s introduction of various means such as the Ultimate Fighter and the Dana White Contender Series, Hadley may not be able to receive the shot immediately.

Hadley recognizes that he is not in the most geographically convenient location, but believes he is doing enough to sign a direct contract.

“For fairness, I feel worthy of a straightforward contract through what I have achieved here in Europe and even around the world,” Hadley said. “I went to South Africa and fought against the top youth. I think it deserves a straight deal, but when asked,” Do you want to do the Contender series? ” Why do you do that? I’m just ready to fight. I’m a contender or an ultimate fighter, no problem, but I honestly believe it’s worth the deal and I’ll fight one of them. You can put anyone in the top 15, I really don’t care. I take them all out, no problem. “

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Cage Warriors Champion Jake Hadley Calls for UFC Opportunity Cage Warriors Champion Jake Hadley Calls for UFC Opportunity

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