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Victim of shooting in an attempted murder against a former UFC champion Cain Velasquez I raised my voice for the first time.

Paul Bender said he was afraid of his life and his family’s life after being shot by Velasquez on Monday. Bender, 64, said he lost his function with his three fingers because his brachial artery was damaged as a result of a gunshot wound on his arm.

The vendor was a Chevrolet Silverado driver Police say Velasquez plunged in with his Ford F250 and shot During a fast follow-up on February 28 in San Jose, California, Velasquez’s intended target was accused of molesting Velasquez’s four-year-old son, who was identified in court by Velasquez’s lawyer Mark Geragos on Monday. It was Harry Gralte. Grarte and his mother were Silverado passengers.

Vendor comments were part of the hearing. Judge Sherina Brown denied Bella Squez’s bail.. Prior to Brown’s decision, the vendor effectively appeared on the Microsoft team and made his remarks.

“Good morning, it’s your honor. My name is Paul Bender. I was driving a truck and was shot by Cain Velasquez on February 28, 2022,” Bender said. I did. “When Cain Velasquez began to follow us, we only followed a court order to obtain Harry’s GPS surveillance device. He shot us at speeds of over 100 mph. Chased us. When I stopped near the school, Cain Velasquez shot us again and cut the brachial artery and nerves. I lost the use of three fingers and my (Ministry of Transport) I couldn’t do my job because I couldn’t physically pass through. I don’t know if this loss is permanent without my right hand.

“Cain Velasquez does not respect human life. He could easily shoot a family, an innocent pedestrian, or even a young child in the car next to us. Velasquez doesn’t care who sees him do this. He doesn’t care about the rule of law and doesn’t respect our judicial system. I believe I’ll try to get things done. I’m afraid of my life and the life of my family. The amount of bailouts and GPS monitors won’t stop Cain Velasquez. Best regards, you. In honor of, I help you keep my family and our community safe from Cain Velasquez and deny his request for bailout. “

It was the second time Brown refused bail in the Velasquez case after he did not set the amount in the March 2 prosecution, two days after Brown was arrested.

Belasquez, 39 years old, face Suspected attempted murder (1 count), shooting with a car or aircraft (1 count), firearm attack (3 counts), deadly weapon attack (3 counts), intentional release of firearms from a vehicle (1 count), and A loaded firearm (1 count) intended to commit a hauling thug.

If convicted of attempted murder, Velasquez will face life imprisonment for at least 20 years. If convicted by other counts, he will face additional time.

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Cain Velasquez plots an attempted murder: alleged victim breaks silence Cain Velasquez plots an attempted murder: alleged victim breaks silence

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