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Phoenix-Both good and bad Cain Velasquez Stuck by Daniel CormierSide through his career. The minimum that a combier can do is the same.

When Velázquez became the UFC Heavyweight Champion in late 2010, Comier had just begun his professional mixed martial arts career. They were good friends and training partners at the American Kickboxing Academy. As a result, Comier turned to light heavyweight. Win the UFC title..After that, Comier became a champion when he was captured. UFC Heavyweight Title..finished All ups and downsVelázquez stayed on the side of DC.

Saturday was one of the happiest nights in Comie’s life.Between UFC 274 Broadcasting and promotion He will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame next month. Overcoming feelings of happiness and pride, Komier always shouted his best friend when speaking to reporters after the announcement.

“Cain Velasquez, who is currently facing the worst, has taken me to a height I never imagined,” said Comier. “At my greatest moment, he was right next to me. Now that he is participating in this journey and his battle, I’m trying to support him as much as possible. Is he in court? Every time I see something go, he’s always there for me, so I’m there. “

Cain Velasquez (left) shakes hands with Daniel Cormier at a press conference following UFC 166 at the Toyota Center in April 2013. (Andrew Richardson, USA TODAY Sports)

Velázquez is approaching behind the bar for three months after him Allegedly shot Harry GralteA man accused of molesting a 4-year-old Velázquez relative attacked Gralte’s stepfather instead after a car chase in Morgan Hill, California.

Velázquez’s face 10 accusations, including attempted murder, As he is waiting Bail hearing on May 16 And the plea hearing on June 10th.Meanwhile, Goularte has been released on bail while waiting for his plea hearing. Scheduled for June 6..

Looking at Velázquez in this situation, Comier is emotionally affected.

“It kills me,” Comier said. “Seeing what he is experiencing absolutely kills me as a father. Yeah, it kills me. But I can talk to him and it makes me lucky I’ve visited him. And I get a call from him. I’m one of the lucky ones and I can still bring him into my life. “

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Cain Velasquez Proceedings “Absolutely Kill Me” Cain Velasquez Proceedings “Absolutely Kill Me”

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