Calico Review

When I first became interested in video games, I was a pretty young girl. It was like a nasty transition. At the time, games were primarily considered “boys’ toys,” so moving from typical “girly” games such as Princess Dolls and My Little Pony to games is especially for cute and colorful games. It wasn’t so much, so it was unpleasant. Until that point, I was having fun with playtime. Sure, I loved the fantasy world of Mario and Sonic, but I wish I had a fun gameplay space that reflected the aesthetics of Lisa Frankt Rapperkeeper’s fluffy cat and rainbow unicorn.

When my third grader was watching the open world animal cafe and the social interaction game Calico, she I lost her heart. Calico is the best way to embrace girly aesthetics and themes without shame and shyness. In the world of happy magical girls living in pastel-colored lands, there are fluffy cotton candy trees and adorable animals of all kinds roam freely. But while Calico’s concept and visuals are pleasing, the simple, buggy gameplay kicked me out of the childhood fantasy world I wanted to exist and shouted.

The calico is very cute (screenshot captured on a PC).

Calico begins with the player character you create inheriting a cat cafe in a distant world where magic is so realistic and part of everyday life. Your job is to explore the world, help new friends with a variety of errands, and fill a small cafe with animal, ornamental, and cute kitten-themed pastries. Like any life simulation game, it’s a very laid-back and playful experience, but with playfulness and fairy magic. You can buy potions with interesting effects and use them on yourself and your animals. Animal friends, such as mini-sized and cooked, zoomed in on a giant red panda or rabbit, decorated your house with clouds, flowers, cat feet, basically all the animals in the game Or collect (yet) someone else’s pet) to be part of the owner of your cafe or your trip.

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