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Call confirmation: Stop, collaborate, listen

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Leveraging software to help develop relationships with shippers is a challenge for everyone. How do you serve customers and shippers on a relationship basis rather than a transaction basis?

Today, the overwhelming majority of loads are transactions in nature. The carrier loads the luggage on the spotboard, completes the onboarding and disappears in the wind. More companies are aware of the one-time career opportunity cost.

Shippers also tend to avoid building and developing relationships with various carriers. You win some lanes in the bid, you win a career and you are done. Occasionally there are some additional lanes here and there, but it could be quite transactional in nature.

The real question is how can we improve the added value to both the shipper and the carrier. Is it a combination of customer service, cost savings, integrated technology, or services?

Most digital brokerage start-ups recognize the need to work seamlessly with customers, shippers and carriers. One of its drawbacks is the large number of TMS. If you don’t like your existing solution and can’t afford it, a homemade system is your best choice.

Freight Vana, a Phoenix-based super-growth 3PL with extensive industry experience, is no exception. It has developed its own partnership platform that does something a little different than in most cases. Driven by radical collaboration with a network of shippers and carriers, we have built our business on the basis of transparency and trust.

“Many traditional and newly formed intermediaries appear to be focused on satisfying capital markets and their shareholders, but a systematic set of shippers and carriers in a growing network. We have continued to focus on creating sustainable value by solving operational and technical issues, “he said. Founder Shannon Breen.

The parade does something similar to carrier retention and cargo verification tools that can be integrated into existing TMS. It provides email templates, cargo matching, records management for previous carriers who ran the lane, and more. The parade places collaborations and relationship building with individual personnel, but provides the tools needed to maintain and develop relationships with those carriers.

Whether you choose a homemade option or one that you can customize to suit your needs, it’s clearer than ever that shippers are looking for integration. They have partnerships, trust, and 3PL and want to work together as well as their careers.

Quick hit

Image: Freight Waves

Beyond the river – Pocahontas may have been doing something while rowing the river. The first thing everyone mentions about supply chain bottlenecks is lack of capacity and momentum. What if I use water instead of roads?

Listen: A river barge is equivalent to approximately 70 tractor trailers and 16 railcars. Given the amount of cargo that can be carried on a river barge compared to a full truck, it is sometimes said to let the shipper consider the movement of some waterways-not to mention the barge charges are usually As a truck loading rate, it is half the rail fare and almost twice as low.

The US waterway system consists of over 12,000 miles of inland waterways, 13,000 miles of coastal waterways, 360 commercial ports, 237 locks and dam rooms. There are some important infrastructure improvements that need to be made, funding requests have been made and are listed in the house floor bill.

If we can move shippers slightly away from just-in-time production and take a few more days to ship, we can make great strides in inland waterways.


come and get it – As if you didn’t yet know how busy the LA port was in the last few months, the White House recommended operating the port 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We love to hear it. However, as we learned in an interview with Gene Seroka, Secretary-General of Ocean Waves, there is a bottleneck in LA Port, as containers may not have been picked up.

Wal-Mart and other large-scale retailers, FedEx and UPS, have detailed plans to expand their container business to keep the port “unclogging.” Wal-Mart has promised to move as much as 50% of its goods at night in the coming weeks. Home Depot and Target are working to increase the cargo passing through the port by 10% even at night.

Shadow operations are successful, but if you have a large retailer as a customer, you can expect night action as well.

Market check

SONAR ticker: MVM table

Young man, go west. Did you say it will take about 3 days to get there? The western market has an average lead time of about 3-4 days from booking to actual baggage transfer. As the most volatile markets show us, parts of the west usually hover in about 3 days. Albuquerque, New Mexico, Denver and Las Vegas are slightly above normal, while Twin Falls, Idaho and Grand Junction, Colorado are operating with slightly shorter lead times than usual.

Most shippers who ship to these areas on a regular basis are familiar with the lead times required to produce trucks, but if there are shippers who do not, have a conversation with them. is needed. If they need to move something to these areas today, it’s tricky and can be much higher than they expected.

Who with whom


After five months of research, Wal-Mart was named Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. Fernando Cortes, Chief Supply Chain Head of the United States, has announced that it will lead the US transportation sector as Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Operations. Cortez oversees one of the country’s largest private vehicles, consisting of 6,100 tractors, 61,000 trailers and more than 7,800 drivers. Click here for details

Tiger Cool Express plans to acquire the former Union Pacific Cold Connect Warehouse in the Pacific Northwest. Once the facility is acquired, we plan to develop an intermodal lamp on the site. The goal is to expand integrated export, boxcar, and temperature control services to Pacific Northwest customers. Click here for details

The more you know

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Call confirmation: Stop, collaborate, listen Call confirmation: Stop, collaborate, listen

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