Call of Duty 2021 keeps up and has fan favorite settings

Is Call of Duty back in World War II? (Photo: Activision)

This year’s Call Of Duty is still on schedule, with rumors of a World War II game called Vanguard.

Traditionally, the new Call Of Duty game will be announced in late spring or early summer, but even before the pandemic began to change, there was only one guarantee that the game news would be leaked before the official announcement.

That’s exactly what happened this year, and multiple sources suggest it. Call of Duty 2021 is called Vanguard and was set up during World War II.

Activision hasn’t confirmed that, but they say the new game uses a “fans know and love” setting. It doesn’t mean it’s World War II, but it seems to exclude the sequel to Infinity War.

Rumors of delay were not only unofficially announced, but also prevailed after industrial activity at Activision Blizzard with strikes from staff.

Following the retirement of Blizzard president J. Allen Black, Activision boss Bobby Cotic, who has already been criticized for dealing with the issue, argues: Courage and I would like to repeat to you the commitment we have made.

That’s despite the fact that the CCO Frances Townsend has received a lot of criticism lately. Tweeted the article On the “whistle-blowing issue” from the Atlantic Ocean, Activision hired the same union-killing law firm as Amazon.

Nevertheless, Cotic insisted: “Our work environment does not allow discrimination, harassment or unequal treatment everywhere we work. We will be a company that sets an example for this in our industry. . “

It’s still unclear if that’s enough to satisfy employees, but COO Daniel Alegre, in a call from the same investor, claimed that Call of Duty 2021 was on schedule.

“Our team is working hard towards the next new premium Call Of Duty release planned for the fourth quarter,” he said, as transcribed by VGC.

“From the settings our fans know and love, to the incredible amount of content in development, including an extensive live ops schedule, we believe this release is incredibly popular.”

“In addition to providing a great seamless experience for both current and next-generation console players, we continue to integrate Warzone through deeper content integration and significant innovation in premium and free experiences. We are focused on building a direct relationship with the player base. We are inside the war zone itself, “he added.

Rob Kostich, President of Activision, commented:

“Raven’s leading war zone also has some really exciting new plans,” he added. “Now, along with our premium release, we have some really fun stuff, and the most important planned for both the Warzone and Premium communities as I head into the fall. Updates and what I think. “

Other than checking for the fourth quarter release (that is, between October and December), there was no further clue as to the release date, but it seems to be the usual early November.

There was no clue as to when the game would be officially announced, but it will almost certainly happen via Warzone, as it did last year. Season 5 begins on August 12, at which point it is likely that new game bullying will be seen.

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Call Of Duty 2021 not delayed and has fan favourite setting says Activision

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