Call of Duty anti-cheat leaks don’t seem to bother Activision

Call of Duty’s long-awaited anti-cheat system, Ricochet, has been obtained by cheat makers, but Activision doesn’t seem to be concerned.

Editor’s Note: Proceedings filed call of Duty Activision Blizzard, a publisher by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, claims that the company was involved in abuse, discrimination and retaliation against female employees. Activision Blizzard has denied the motion. NS Activision Blizzard proceeding details (Content Warning: Rape, Suicide, Abuse, Harassment) will be updated as new information becomes available.

Activision doesn’t seem to bother much with the fact that it’s new call of Duty Anti-cheat is reportedly already in the hands of scammers. call of Duty I’ve been plagued by scammers for the past few years. Worse than last year War zone It is becoming more popular. The scammers realized that Activision didn’t ban hackers by IP or hardware in most cases, so they just created a new account and continued their efforts.

However, after enough backlash from fans, Activision made its own announcement. Anti-cheat system call of Duty.. An anti-cheat system called Ricochet adds server-side tools to monitor players and kernel-level drivers to the PC version of the game.This will allow you to identify which apps you want to interact with and try to interact with. call of Duty game.Anti-cheat system arrives with new one War zone Map in November and will be implemented in Vanguard Immediately after. That said, just days after revealing it, cheat makers reportedly got the anti-cheat source code.

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official call of Duty For Twitter account, Activision called RicochetControlled live test“And I sent a pre-release version of the driver to select a third party. call of Duty Anti-cheat wasn’t going to leakThe publisher doesn’t seem to care much about trying to reverse engineer anti-cheat before it’s released. Cheat makers are off to a good start, but Activision seems to be moving the system forward.

It’s unclear if hackers still exist at the time of Ricochet’s launch, but Activision seems to be trying to introduce multiple features to make the game more secure than before. Activision has been banning hardware when it catches such criminals since it has been aggressive in combating fraudsters. Hackers can always have a certain amount of power in the same (or similar) type of game, but their dominance and influence are overwhelming enough to ruin the gaming experience of others. It can be a thing.

As a result, if Activision can make cheating more rarely, it will improve the shape of the first-person shooter franchise. call of Duty: Vanguard There was a hacker in beta And they may be present at the start of the game.Since then Vanguard I plan to get a ricochet at a later date, but I’m not sure how many problems the scammers have in the game. These cheat makers are working hard to get the most out of this situation. Activision is already under great pressure in all its rival shooters to compete with this holiday season. The potential for a gaming experience studded with unique hackers only adds to that pressure.

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Call of Duty anti-cheat leaks don’t seem to bother Activision

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