Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War-10 Multiplayer Tips to Get Started

Multiplayer is at the heart of the Call of Duty series, and while all games look, feel, and play similar, they also have a lot of subtle nuances. In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, developer Treyarch makes some changes to the formula, including allowing more weapon attachments and changing score streaks. There are many small things to learn along the way. There are also proven strategies that you may want to know if you are new to the battlefield.

Here are 10 simple tips to help you get into the fight when you’re new to Black Ops Cold War. CoD veterans probably don’t need many of these, but there are some new wrinkles in the series formula that are worth knowing. For example, the growing importance of sound and tweaking of how to get strong score streaks. Also, if you have never used CoD, you need to keep these things in mind.

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Training with a bot

versus. In bot mode, you can try out weapons and learn maps without the pressure of competing with other humans.

One of the easiest ways to get your game up and see how things feel in Black Ops Cold War is to play some practice games without betting. On the multiplayer lobby screen, there is an option called “Vs.Bots” at the bottom. This is a match that only fights computer-controlled enemies, no records are kept, and challenges are not unlocked.

Use bot mode to experiment with new weapons, tinker with new loadouts, and get a feel for different maps. The more knowledge you have about Call of Duty games, the more formidable it will be, so spending a little time on practice sessions will help you when you’re in an unfamiliar place or want to know about gear changes.

Stick to your teammates

If you're traveling with your teammates instead of alone, you're much more likely to survive and win.
If you’re traveling with your teammates instead of alone, you’re much more likely to survive and win.

This is an evergreen multiplayer tip, but it’s still worth repeating. Especially in fast and ferocious games like Call of Duty, you’ll want to escape yourself, but resist the urge. If your teammates or two are backing you up, you’re far more deadly. You can combine fire against enemies to drop them even faster than if you fired yourself. Also, they often save lives in a losing battle when attacked by an enemy. In Call of Duty situations, more eyes and more guns are always better, so if you are with the team and back up each other, you will see the results in column W.

Don’t worry (too) about dying

Score streaks last even when you die, so worry about backing up your team more effectively than staying alive.
Score streaks last even when you die, so worry about backing up your team more effectively than staying alive.

Black Ops Cold War brings back Scorestreaks (rather than Killstreaks). This means you don’t have to drop many other players or notch many headshots to help your team. By securing goals, you can unlock Scorestreak rewards and gain an edge in combat, assist your team by calling them with reconnaissance planes, summoning attack helicopters, and more.

I want to avoid being killed in a Cold War match as much as possible, but if you need to die to support your team, don’t worry too much. Score streaks are not reset when you die. Instead, it works with a cooldown timer so you don’t over-spam. This means that you can effectively add to your team even if you’re not proud of your K / D ratio. Play carefully, play wisely, and find ways to contribute to the team that suits your skills.

Listen to footsteps

When you ask where your enemies are, you can often predict and eliminate them.
When you ask where your enemies are, you can often predict and eliminate them.

Sound design has made great strides in the last few iterations of Call of Duty. At Black Ops Cold War, you’ll want to listen carefully while you’re on the battlefield.Sprint Lots Increased noise in multiplayer matches. You probably get the page from Warzone. Here it is essential to use all the senses to identify the enemy. In other words, you often hear the player’s voice long before you see it. Headphones can be a serious help in locating enemies if you can use them, but in general, try to use all your senses to predict an attack, not just a minimap.

Running keeps you away

Do it only when necessary. It is noisy and remains vulnerable.
Do it only when necessary. It is noisy and remains vulnerable.

As with the last tip, you’ll want to work hard to control the amount of sound you make and whether it’s worth it. If you sprint towards what you think is the enemy’s position, know that they will hear you coming. Crouching, on the other hand, slows down significantly, but produces less noise. Remember the amount of information you give your enemies when approaching. If you think someone has a chance to drop, don’t bounce like a rhino and hit an enemy. I know they should expect you.

Shoot down reconnaissance planes and other vehicles

Stop score streaks before destroying the team's momentum.
Stop score streaks before destroying the team’s momentum.

The default score streak includes reconnaissance aircraft and attack helicopters. Both of these can severely cramp the match if the enemy teams start firing at the same time. Like most Call of Duty games, scouts provide enemies with team positions on the minimap, but attack helicopters just fly and shoot you. However, you can (and need to) destroy these vehicles whenever possible.

You probably know this lesson because this is Call of Duty’s usual approach, but small arms can damage flying vehicles and the launcher is even better. It’s worth doing at least one loadout with a launcher in the secondary weapon position so you can knock down annoying score streaks at critical moments. Scorestreak You can also earn points by destroying the vehicle, so you can reach the scorestreak quickly, so it’s worth the time it takes to knock out the plane and blind the enemy. If no one is handling the launcher’s obligations, consider picking it up yourself.

Stick to the cover

Traveling outdoors before knowing what's going on is a great way to be discovered and killed.
Traveling outdoors before knowing what’s going on is a great way to be discovered and killed.

The time to kill, that is, the time it takes for someone to start firing and the enemy you are shooting to collapse, is quite short in the Cold War, as in most Call of Duty games. You will also notice that Cold War maps tend to have many lanes and avenues where you can see other players and your players. In short, the Cold War map has plenty of opportunities for ambush, flanking, combat in general, and many places to be shot from behind.

In general, it’s a good idea to limit the open movement of certain maps. Try to stay low, stay behind the cover, stick to the edges of the area, and place objects or walls between you and the open ground. You want to reduce the number of directions you can easily find and shoot, so you have at least the opportunity to fight back before you are chosen. Do not easily defeat enemy players by walking in large open rooms or open streets unless absolutely necessary.

You don’t have to always aim

Don't let your ADS habits kill you.
Don’t let your ADS habits kill you.

Another evergreen Call of Duty tip, but keep in mind that aiming is slow. Good for fighting players in different ranges, but not in close range panic situations. If you take the time to target nearby enemies, you are very likely to be killed. Many guns (especially fast-firing weapons and shotguns) fire effectively from the waist, but if your opponent is within 10 feet, it’s a good idea to fire anything without ADS. .. Don’t panic or spray bullets roughly. However, it’s better to attack someone with a quick, dirty fire than to waste time landing a headshot in an emergency.

Spend time figuring out loadouts

Create a loadout that can be adapted to both the current map and the team you are facing.
Create a loadout that can be adapted to both the current map and the team you are facing.

Call of Duty games have been offering custom loadouts for some time, but Black Ops Cold War modifies the formula a bit. You can now equip more weapon attachments than ever before, not to mention the fact that the weapons, perks, and equipment are all a bit different from the last few iterations of the franchise. Unlock the ability to create custom loadouts relatively quickly. To start finding comfortable devices, you need to start messing with them as soon as possible.

What’s more, you don’t want to use the same dusty loadout every time you jump into a match, as even the little Cold War maps have very little nuance. You will soon notice situations where guns with more range provide better service and are facing teams suffering from quick and close range engagements. Have some comfortable loadouts so you can adapt to the situation instead of making the same mistakes or being beaten in the same way. As mentioned earlier, you can test loadouts with Vs. Bot mode. You will be happy when you switch to a new equipment set on the fly and take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.

Health stimulus will save you

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The default Pointman loadout comes with a second familiar device, the Stimshot. If you’re not a fighter that relies on stuns or smoke grenades in combat, consider switching to stim shots instead. When used during a battle after being damaged, you can instantly heal yourself and completely change the duration of the battle. Great for burning enemies, so you both get injured, hide behind the cover and then heal, and while others expect you to be a much softer target, you You can swing out with all your might. Stim shots can save you in many battles, especially if you are a close range run and gunfighter.

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