Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Developers Make Sniper Buffs Teasing

After weakening the overwhelming MP5, Treyarch seems to be aiming to change the value of another Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War weapon, but the studio buffs the weapon in a multiplayer shooter. And also provided a broader context for the approach to weakening.

Lead game designer Tony Flame recently posted an image on Twitter, suggesting that the M82 sniper rifle will be buffed in a future update. “Next job,” Flame wrote. I have attached an image of the weapon and car buffing.

Flame also provided a higher level of context on how Treyarch approaches buff and nerfing weapons. He said the studio’s main duty was to focus on maintaining the time to kill (TTK) value across all weapons.

“If the weapon goes well beyond its baseline, it needs to be weakened to respect TTK and buff to get there as well.”

The first major post-release patches for Black Ops Cold War include FFAR1 (increased recoil, reduced maximum damage and maximum damage range), M16 (decreased maximum damage range, increased sprint-to-launch time, etc.) Created a series of buffs and nerfs. Others), and all snipers (sprint to firing time adjusted).

Buffs were found on some weapons, such as the Magnum (improved rate of fire and maximum damage range) and the M60 (improved maximum damage range and movement speed).

Check out the entire Black Ops Cold War patch notes to find everything new and different with the latest updates.

GameSpot’s Black Ops Cold War review scored the game 7/10. “Zombies are a good time to work together overall, but multiplayer is flat and there remains a strong campaign to do most of the tedious work,” said Kallie Plagge.

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