Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War-Everything you need to remember about the Black Ops story

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War returns to the story of the original Black Ops 10 years ago, the time between what happened in the original 1960s and the huge time skipping of Black Ops II to 2025. Continue to fill the line. The Cold War, set in 1981, again features Black Ops’ main protagonists Alex Mason and Frank Woods, a spy who works to prevent a Soviet operative called Perseus from doing many bad things. Add a new team.

There are a lot of story twists in this series that are hard to understand, so to help you follow in the Cold War, we’ll do all the stories you might not remember 10 years later. This game makes some important references to past characters and events, so what when working with a new team to stop the Soviet Union, save the Western world and engage in spy shenanigans of all kinds. You will want to know exactly what happened.

Black Ops-All about Brainwashing

The main thing to remember about the original Black Ops is brainwashing. Much has happened in the game, but the simplest is the story of programming and counterprograms as Mason fights the ideas struck by malicious actors. Mason is in Cuba and participates in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, a real-life failed operation to train Cuban asylum seekers and land in Cuba to defeat Castro. In Black Ops, Mason tries to assassinate Castro, but only for Russian soldiers to catch him.

Mason is taken to the Soviet labor camp Vorkuta, where Russian General Nikita Dragovich brainwashes him into a sleeper agent and a program that can be sent back to the United States to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. To lead. Pre-programmed triggers are broadcast from a ship called Rusalka through a series of mysterious numbers.

Mason becomes very resistant to the brainwashing program and at some point gives up as a failure. It was then that Victor Reznov, betrayed by Dragovich, fought for Russia during World War II and took action. He ruins Mason’s programming and sends him to kill his own rivals, including Dragovich, his adjutant Victor Krafchenko, and former Nazi scientist Freidrich Steiner.

Mason then escapes Vorkuta during a prison riot with the help of Reznov and returns to the United States He returns to military service, but Reznov’s programming works mostly-Mason eventually collaborates with the CIA. Kill Dragovich and Steiner while stopping Dragovich’s plans Perform an attack using the deadly Nova-6 gas. When his programming is discovered, the CIA attempts to undo the brainwashing, but strongly suggests that Russia’s influence on Mason will involve him in the assassination of Kennedy. It was also revealed that it was likely that Reznov couldn’t get out of Vorkuta, even though Mason saw him during the match. Reznov seems to have been in Mason’s head after leaving Russia.

Dragovich’s plans have been discontinued, but Black Ops has left the situation in the air. The Sleeper Agent for Dragovich’s program is still in the United States and the Nova-6 plot has been stopped, but some of the threat remains. There are also some other loose ends from Black Ops, including Kravchenko. He survived Mason in Black Ops, and we know he did it throughout the 80’s thanks to the Black Ops II story.

Cold War-Remember the 80’s

That leads us to the Cold War. The Cold War begins in 1981. This is after Frank Woods, who is presumed to have died in Black Ops, resurfaced. He was taken prisoner in Vietnam and taken to a prisoner-of-war camp known as Hanoi Prison for several years. After his release, he rejoined Mason, who acted as an “anchor to reality” because he was still influenced by the number program after being destroyed. The pair will continue to work with Black Ops CIA handler Jason Hudson. Jason Hudson is also currently working with Russell Adler, one of the main characters in the Cold War.

A new chapter in the Black Ops series will be featured shortly after the Iranian hostage crisis and Ronald Reagan became president. Adler is hunting Perseus, a mysterious Russian agent that Adler has been doing since Vietnam. New information related to the hostage crisis suggests that Perseus is planning a major attack on the West, so Hudson tells Adler that Mason and Woods act as ground agents and find it. He accuses him of forming a new spy team to stop him.

That’s all you need to know about the Black Ops series that will continue in the Cold War. However, there is another interesting point. The Cold War expands the story by including its relevance to modern warfare.

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