Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Note (November 23)

Call of Duty: A new update for Black Ops Cold War has been released. Weapon buffs and nerfs are not included, but the patch makes some changes related to spawns, perks, and zombie modes.

For multiplayer, spawns have been tuned for hardpoint mode to reduce the time it takes to reach hardpoints. In addition, Crossroads Strike and Armada Strike spawns have been tuned for improved performance.

The new Black Ops Cold War update also fixes an issue that could render Flak Jacket benefits useless for explosive damage in hardcore mode.

After migrating to zombies, the new update fixes the field upgrade issue, but makes some changes to the zombies themselves. In one case, a rare issue was making zombies permanently invincible, which is now being fixed. Finally, Zombie Mode has undergone some tweaks to make the experience more stable.

The full patch notes that Treyarch posted on their website can be found below. This latest update will arrive within a day of the fan-favorite Nuketown Maps appearing in Black Ops Cold War through a new version called Nuketown ’84. The map will arrive at 10am PST on November 24th, but you can now enjoy Double XP.

Black Ops Cold War November 23 Patch Note



  • Adjusted the hardpoint spawn logic to reduce the average travel time to the active hardpoint.
  • Adjusted the weight of spawn enemies on Crossroads Strike and Armada Strike.

Fire Team: Dirty Bomb

  • Addressed a UI error that could occasionally occur when loading into a Fireteam match: Luka’s Dirty Bomb.


  • Addressed an issue where Flak Jackets could not properly protect players from explosive damage in hardcore mode.


Field upgrade

  • Addressed an issue where players could earn a field upgrade fee when the Ring of Fire is currently active.


  • Addressed an issue where zombies could unexpectedly use ranged attacks.
  • Addressed the rare issue that megatons rarely become permanently invincible after a split.


  • Added various stability fixes.

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