Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Visual Glitch significantly improves one multiplayer map

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War had a somewhat erratic launch due to issues with powerful MP5 weapons and other weapon balances. When patches and fixes are released, players will make some suggestions for improvements. In one interesting case, the player encountered a visual glitch on the cartel map. Other players agree that it is a significant improvement over the content of the game.

In the game’s subreddit, user CapAustria shared some screenshots of a session that encountered a bug on the map and removed the bushes from the center of the map. As CharlieIntel points out, in domination games, this is exactly where point B is, and shrubs have become a popular hiding place for players.

These shrubs could be there for exactly this purpose, but in reality it’s annoying to have to clear each one to hide the enemy. The top comments on Reddit’s post seem to reflect the feelings of many: “It looks very good seriously.”

Image Credit: CapAustria

Treyarch may be paying attention. There is precedent for glitches and bugs turning into game features-it happened earlier this year in Animal Crossing: New Horizon camera mode to show a much less violent example.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited Nuketown ’84 map has been unveiled, allowing players to see Cold War’s view of the Call of Duty classic. Black Ops Cold War received 7/10 in a GameSpot review and the campaign was praised, but there were some criticisms of the multiplayer suite. “Zombies are a good time to work together overall, but multiplayer leveled off, leaving a strong campaign to do most of the tedious work,” writes reviewer Kallie Plagge.

再生中: コールオブデューティ:ブラックオプスコールドウォー-ヌークタウン’84マップトレーラー


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