Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Writer David S. Goyer talks about giving players choice

David S. Goyer has been attached to several major films for the past 20 years, including The Dark Knight trilogy, Batman v Superman, Terminator: Dark Fate, but in the game, at work at Call of Duty. The best known. : Black Ops series. Goyer has Black Ops and Black Ops II story credits and has been brought back to the latest game in the series, Black Ops Cold War. Now, in an interview on the official Call of Duty blog, Goyer explained some of the philosophies behind his work in the series.

Looking back at the first two Black Ops games, Goyer said he was excited to move into the game when he was invited to hone his original script. “I think the game ended in about two-thirds at that point. I punched the script and made other suggestions,” he recalls. “It was fascinating to me. It was a completely different medium in how to convey that the explanations were completely different.”

He was then invited to participate in Black Ops II “from scratch” and was given some interesting storytelling options. “I love the idea that there are multiple endings that can be achieved, depending on the moral choices you make throughout the game,” he says. I was really happy to see Treyarch and Raven continuing. This new game. I like the idea that actions bring results. “

Black Ops II and Black Ops Cold War now have the most varied plots in the series. ColdWar is the first time in the series that players can create their own protagonist. Goyer says this presents some new challenges. “Every time someone plays, it makes it a little different, and the character’s reaction is a little different,” he says. “When I was working on the script, I had to come up with six different responses to something, which is part of the fun.”

He believes that letting players make such choices is one of the things that makes the Black Ops series stand out, and that players can kill or save certain characters depending on their choices. “Yes, we’ve revived some of the best-of album characters like Mason, Woods, and Hudson, but I think one of the other features of the franchise is that there’s no compromise,” he says. “Many missions are rooted in actual denial operations or those published in information disclosure laws, and we are not pulling the punch.”

Goyer also wanted to look at the actual Black Ops team and operations for inspiration and emphasize the diversity of the people involved. “We have men and women, agents and assets from all countries and races involved in these activities,” he says. “That was what we worked hard on with this, to really expand the palette and expand the story. So we have a background in Mossad and other types of intelligence and are involved in the story. Got the character. It gives the character a unique level of reliability and peculiarity. “

The full interview is insightful and worth reading.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game campaign was praised in a 7/10 review of GameSpot. “It’s an overall fun action movie story that fully realizes the twists and turns of a typical black operation, but eventually returns to a more interesting and relevant question-I’m a story over the entire period. I’ve fully invested in Kallie Plagge, “writes the reviewer.

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