Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold Ward Double XP Extends Until November 17th Treyarch Studios Announces

Treyarch Studio expands Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War In addition, experience points will double in 24 hours. The developers today announced good news on their Twitter account. This allows players to take advantage of quick leveling. Special opportunities are also available while playing multiplayer, and now in zombie game mode. If you can’t wait to level up and unlock more from the game, you may need an additional 24 hours.

The· Cold war The developers initially declared a 24-hour double XP to seduce players during the weekend release, but the company thought players might appreciate the extra time. An additional day of leveling grind will be awarded to the fan base so that all players who purchase the game will have more time to explore the latest titles.

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“Update: 2XP is currently available on #BlackOpsColdWar MP and will appear in zombies later today,” wrote Treyarch’s official Twitter account. He added, “We will extend 2XP for 24 hours until 10 am (Pacific Standard Time) on Tuesday, November 17th, so that everyone has time!” Four hours after the tweet above, the developers added that Double XP is now multiplayer and zombies.

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Like traditional military rankings Cold war It boasts a new leveling system until it reaches level 55. Beyond that, players can continue to earn XP to work at the Prestige level of the season. This requires filling a much larger XP bar. This festive dual experience will help players reach the 55th level mark faster and tackle this season’s fame.

In addition, the developer ensures that the current grind is not wasted. Duty Modern Warfare Call And War zone Released next month, Cold warProgress will continue until the next title. It’s still pre-season, but fans can rank up, but the ranks will be reset when a new season begins.

As mentioned, Treyarch Studios is extending Double XP to zombies. So if you’re tired of multiplayer and want to change the way you look at spooky ghost zombies, it’s a viable way to rake up experience points.

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The· call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The game features many features such as story campaigns designed by Raven Software, classic multiplayer mode, zombies, warzones, cross-generation and cross-play, and even Nuketown ’84. Double XP will be available until 12:00 pm CST on Tuesday, November 17th.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Double XP Extended Until November 17, Treyarch Studios Announces

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