Call of Duty earned $ 3 billion in Activision in 12 months

Activision has made over $ 3 billion in net bookings. call of Duty Franchises for the last 12 months only.

According to the company, the Action Series set a new record after moving to a shared ecosystem business model, resulting in a 80% year-on-year increase in net bookings and a 40% increase in unit sales over the same period.

To provide more context, “online booking” is defined as the net amount of products and services sold digitally and physically over a set period of time, including license fees, merchandise sales, and publishing incentives. It is an investment index and is the same as the net. Revenue excluding postponement.

Not only do you bring back Activision bacon call of Duty In 2020, 200 million players gathered, including November, the largest franchise in history in terms of monthly players and play time. War zoneThe series’ free battle royale offering, which has also surpassed 85 million players since its launch on March 10, 2020.

“Last year’s momentum across the Call of Duty ecosystem is free to play War zone As well as post-release support for Modern Warfare, And from now on Black Ops Cold War Byronbide, franchise EVP and general manager, commented. “We are focused on building a continuous pipeline that features a huge amount of free post-release content and events throughout the franchise.”

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