Call of Duty hype: Black Ops Cold War declines, revealing yet another broken Call of Duty game

It happens every year-and I’m literally every year since Call of Duty was first released. The new Call of Duty game will win massive marketing hype, a closed beta by top members of the community, and hundreds of thousands of players on its release date.

Then something inevitable happens: hype wears out. People who were touted in beta games are now exposed to that flaw. And Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has quite a few flaws.

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Before embarking on the multiplayer side of the game, it’s important to note that both campaign mode and zombie mode have been a lot of fun so far. The Cold War isn’t a direct sequel to the story of the original Black Ops campaign, but it’s becoming as interesting as its predecessor.

This short review is about multiplayer. The standard Call of Duty fares for the majority of players, dominations, search and destroy, and free for all. These are franchise staples and must be something that developers can understand correctly.

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Still … Looking back at Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare, multiplayer is never completely …I got there.. The game was released with almost no maps, gameplay was considered slow in this genre, and bugs were scattered around.

Unfortunately, Black Ops Cold War is no exception. Now declining in the polluted glass community of “IT’S A NEW COD!”, People are realizing that being able to use the Quick Scope again does not necessarily mean that the game is good.

Few maps get stuck and some of them aren’t interesting (Cartel, I’m looking at you). The progress system is so slow that everyone seems to be running MP5.

In addition to this boring product, SBMM is taking revenge. If you have a half decent KD, play for yourself and do your best. You will be trampled on 6 stacks.

Finally, the game is covered with bugs. This is now mostly expected from the rushed Call of Duty title. Split screen is disabled, spectator mode is glitched (why is this always a problem?), And gun balance is everywhere.

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Despite the hype and tournaments, and FaZe’s quick scope montage, I don’t think Black Ops Cold War has the metal to distance it. Compared to Warzone’s long-term success, the Treyarch title has little chance.

The Hype For Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Wears Off, Revealing Yet Another Broken Call Of Duty Game

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