Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Roadmap reveals new weapons and perks

Activision has unveiled the Call of Duty Season 1 Roadmap for both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. Players can expect a lot of new content this first season. Season 1 arrives on December 8th, packed with new operators, weapons, perks, battle passes, and Warzone’s new caldera map.

Following the Vanguard and Warzone updates, Season 1 will begin on December 8th. The Vanguard update is scheduled for December 6th at 9pm PST / 12am EST. Warzone updates will take place during the server shutdown from December 7th 9pm EST / 12:00 am to December 8th 9:00 am EST / 12:00 pm EST. ..

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New season battle pass

The Season 1 Battle Pass includes 100 tiers and over 30 items are offered in free tiers. Free items include an important part of the Battle Pass. This is 3 DLC weapons, 2 new perks, and added equipment. The premium paid pass includes a new season operator, Francis “Kai” Ranakira.

Battle Pass Weapon:

  • The Cooper carbine is an assault rifle unlocked at Tier 15.
  • The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle is a Tier 31 unlocked sniper rifle.
  • Sawtooth is a Tier 37 unlocked melee weapon.

In addition to the three free Battle Pass weapons, Katana melee weapons and Welgun submachine guns will be available later in the season. These new weapons are available for free through the Unlock Challenge or by purchasing a store bundle.

Vanguard Multiplayer

Vanguard Season 1 adds some familiarity to long-time players, including a small dome map of Modern Warfare 3 arriving as a Pacific-themed remake called Radar. Paradise is a brand new, medium-sized, three-lane map set in a weapons test site somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Both maps will arrive at the start of the season.

Control game mode will make its vanguard debut later in the season. This is an objective respawn mode where the life amount of each team is set. The goal of control is to capture or defend two zones without running out of team life. The second game mode is also set to appear later in the season, which is also described as the respawn heavy mode from Modern Warfare 3.

Season 1 roadmap

This season’s Battle Pass includes new perks and equipment for Vanguard’s multiplayer.

The new Tier 1 perk Serpentine Perk will be unlocked at Tier 21 of the Battle Pass. Equipped with the benefits of Serpentine, sprints can reduce incoming damage. Activision calls it “Pushing into a regular sprint will slightly reduce all ballistic and explosive damage, but Tactical Sprinting can reduce more than a quarter of its normal damage. “.

At Tier 44 of the Battle Pass, Intuition, which is also a benefit of Tier 1, will be unlocked. With Intuition, the player’s field of vision will be pulsing when enemies are nearby, even over walls. According to Activision, this perk works like the High Alert in previous games, but with a shorter range, players can recognize the threat before turning a corner or breaking through a door. This is a more passive option for anyone looking for close range engagement, as it is done without the need to curb them like existing piercing range perks.

Special Incendiary is a new deadly equipment gained by reaching Tier 39 of the pass. Incendiary bombs work to inflict small burst damage within a large radius at the point of explosion, and then inflict burn damage per second on anyone within that area.


Zombie Mode Season 1 is set to add new goals, new conventions, new portal locations, and 20 new seasonal challenges to Der Anfang.

Purge is a new purpose for Der Anfang. Purge requires the player to eradicate the augmenter. Augmenters are described as ether worms that supply the dimensional energy that powers Cortifex. These worms can only be stopped by capturing powerful control runes, but when the player tries to purge them from the map, the augmenter will generate a wave of enemies as a defense mechanism.

This update also adds 14 new covenant upgrades to the 5 new covenants.

  • Brimstone: Damages nearby enemies (rare / epic / legendary rarity)
  • Deadshot: Aim down and the crosshairs snap to the position of the enemy’s headshot. Bonus damage will occur on the first critical of each enemy. Removes weapon sway (rare / epic rarity)
  • Dead Wire: Stuns enemies (rare / epic rarity). Stunning enemies and nearby enemies (legendary rarity)
  • Scrapper: Get more salvage from the pickups (rare / epic rarity). Earn more salvage from pickups and objective rewards (legendary rarity)
  • Swift Vengeance: The faster you move, the more damage you do. It becomes active as soon as you start the move. Fires while sprinting (rare / epic rarity). Activates as soon as you move (Legendary Rarity)
New location for Der Anfang (late season)
New location for Der Anfang (late season)

Later in the season, Treyarch is preparing a new zombie update after the New Year:

  • Book of rituals.Your artifacts can be strengthened through the Book of Ritual and provide greater Dark Aether abilities to help your survival.
  • Phonelist office. Few people know what Liszt is hiding in his personal dormitory, but it may provide clues about Cortifex’s plans.Beyond the mysterious new portal, dark secrets may be waiting
  • Supports Killstreaks. The devastating War Machines and Death Machines are ready to help fight the corrupt masses, as long as you don’t spare salvage at the crafting table (or if you’re lucky with the Mystery Box).
  • Additional features. New weapon unlock challenges, Mystery Box weapon updates, server pauses, and more are planned for the second half of Season 1, including a new holiday theme for the celebration at Stalingrad.

We’ve also briefly touched on the Festive Fervor seasonal event, but Activision says more about this event will be released at a later date.

War zone

For Warzone, Activision only highlights the currently playable Verdansk Limited Time Mode ongoing Last Hours. Here’s everything we know about Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera maps, including new game modes and features.

The Warzone server will be “darkened” at 9 pm PT / 12 AM ET on December 7th and will not be available until early access to Caldera’s Vanguard player begins at 9 pm PT / 12 AMET on December 8th. During this exclusive access, Warzone’s small Rebirth Island map remains unlocked for everyone else to play. The caldera will be playable by anyone on December 9th.

Call of Duty content continues while many Raven Software employees participate in the walkout in protest of the sudden termination of contracts within the QA team that began late last week. The Call of Duty content will continue while Activision Blizzard faces lawsuits and other investigations related to sexual harassment and alleged discrimination against women.

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