Call of Duty: Wal-Mart PS5, Xbox Series X Version Black Ops Cold War Price Cuts

Black Ops Cold War, the latest Call of Duty game released a few weeks ago on November 13, but if you don’t have a first-person shooter yet, you can buy a physical copy for $ 10 cheaper. Walmart list price. Retailers have announced a new promotion for the game, offering the PS5 / Xbox Series X version for $ 59.94 ($ 70) and the PS4 / Xbox One version for $ 49.94 ($ 60). This is essentially a new game price cut as it is a “new daily low price” with no specific end date.

It’s not a big discount, but this Walmart price cut is also noteworthy for new COD games, as it’s priced at all versions of many other stores, including Best Buy and GameStop. Amazon now seems to match the price of the Xbox at Walmart-the Xbox Series X Standard Edition sells for $ 59.94, while the Xbox One version has dropped to $ 49.94, the latter on January 8th. Please note that it will not ship until date 2021. The PlayStation version has been sold out on Amazon.

As the name implies, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was set in the early 1980s at the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The game features new multiplayer modes, new zombie stories, extensive customization options, new map dynamics and more. GameSpot’s Black Ops Cold War review earned 7/10 for fun campaigns, player selection, and the use of PS5 DualSense controllers.

“It’s reasonable to expect a steady Cold War update,” wrote review editor Kallie Plagge. “Weapons have been tweaked, issues have been fixed, and gameplay has been balanced. Zombies have a strong foundation and may be further improved by potential updates, but multiplayer and Warzone Eco. The gap between the systems is too wide to fill with small ones. Tweaks. Zombies are good overall cooperation time, but multiplayer has leveled off, leaving behind a strong campaign to do most of the hard work. I will. “

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