Call of Duty: Warzone is getting two new Gulags

Call of Duty: Warzone has acquired two new Gulags, Activision announced.

Infinity Ward’s battle royale is where Gulag goes when a player dies. Defeating enemy players in 1v1 gives you a chance to return to the game.

The new Verdance Kugrag experience coming to Warzone during Season 1’s launch week (starting December 16th) is a secret training facility-building Black Ops Cold War’s America Town, one of the better campaign levels of the game. It is a reproduction of Nuke Town built by the Soviet Union.

It’s still 1v1 and you can see the player spraying, punching, or lobbying rocks from the spectator’s gantry before entering himself.

Here is the official blurb:

“This design is a temporary replica of the original Nuketown map layout, with both the interior and backyard of the house surrounded by barricades, focusing the duel in a limited central arena. House awnings. The risk of climbing one of the zones and looking firmly at the entire zone. As always, the last standing operator or the operator who grabbed the central overtime flag has a second chance at Verdansk. Get. “

The second new Gulag coming to Warzone is located under the prison block on River’s Island. Here is the official blurb:

“This classified location has a harsh history, as certain prisoners were tested as part of Perseus’s plan to turn the Cold War.

“This new 1v1 experience is centered around the room in question, with Warzone prisoners starting at the end of one of two corridors running parallel to the central room. These paths are quick across the floor. Both provide a route, but both metal detectors turn off each time the operator passes, adding an additional element of strategy to this fierce battle for survival, and fellow prisoners, 2 You can throw rocks into the arena while you wait for the shot on your second chance.


Speaking of Rebirth Island, Activision said it expects short-range action with a playstyle similar to Warzone’s mini BR mode. The planned playlist includes trios and quads with fewer players than Verdansk.

Warzone is also getting an attack helicopter as a new vehicle. It’s similar to a regular helicopter, but with two miniguns on the sides.


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