Call of Duty: Warzone Minigun is back and Raven patches

Yesterday, as part of Season 3, a new Call of Duty: Warzone patch was released, with a little more players in battle royale games than expected. The Minigun, a weapon that was removed for some time, began to randomly drop into multiplayer games.

Both Verdansk and Rebirth Island players were finding weapons in their supply boxes. At first, this seemed to be somehow surprising. Not so many, the developer Raven Software immediately added a survey to the roadmap Trello board. Another update was released yesterday evening. This will prevent the player from getting a gun.

“A Warzone Playlist update has been pushed to prevent the Minigun from spawning from the supply box,” he read a tweet from Raven Software and quoted adding an issue to the development team’s priorities. The Minigun didn’t have many opportunities to get out of balance or cause more confusion than necessary in less than a day, but if you do, let the team know.

You can see someone’s clip using the Minigun below:

Raven’s Tweet:

Just as the sun is constantly rising, the new Call of Duty will arrive from Sledgehammer Games this fall.

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