Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Nerf DMR 14

Activision has fulfilled its promise to weaken the DMR that was causing some problems and headaches in the battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone.

The latest patch has been released, reducing the damage caused by DMR 14 headshots, while increasing recoil and giving the weapon an overall weakness. Type 63 has the same tweaks made through patch notes.

On the Mac-10, on the other hand, the headshot multiplier is reduced, and players using dual pistols will find more hipfire spread and reduced damage range. All of these nerfs and tweaks are specific to Warzone, not Black Ops Cold War.

This is Complete patch notes:

January 6 Warzone Patch Note:

  • DMR 14-Reduces headshot damage and increases recoil
  • Type 63-Reduces headshot damage and increases recoil
  • Mac-10-Reduced Headshot Multiplier
  • Dual Pistol-Increased hipfire spread and reduced damage range

These issues occurred in Warzone with the launch of Season 1, bringing guns from Black Ops Cold War into Warzone.

In other news, Warzone has recently added the latest operator, the bulldozer, who wields a giant hammer, and is now available for purchase in a new bundle.

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