Call of Duty: Warzone player discovers unreleased Sikoff pistol

A gun that has not been released by Modern Warfare, Sykov was discovered in the Call of Duty War Zone during a looting match.

This fully automatic pistol isn’t technically available in all Warzones at this time, but it doesn’t stop anyone at Reddit from finding a way around such a small barrier. There are speculations that the gun will be fully implemented in the game in March for Battle Royale’s first birthday.

Redditor u / Restless Goats said he found a way to use the “new unreleased Sykov blueprint with looting weapon drops” and is continuing to demonstrate this weapon. But now that I see the gun moving, I’m quite afraid that this little unit is heading for Warzone.

RestlessGoats gave a brief demonstration of the gun in a short video clip titled “I was able to access a new unreleased Sykov blueprint using a looting weapon drop.” Get ready for the new meta.

You can now access the new unreleased Sykov Blueprint using Plunder’s Weapon Drops from r / COD Warzone.

I don’t know if it’s used by other players, but I know how fast it fires. For spoiler alerts, the answer is “fast”, but only if you have an automatic barrel attachment. ..

In the comments of the post, people are discussing how Sykov will probably end the players who oppose it.

The top post states that two of these pistols can be dual wield with a fully automatic barrel and given 80 rounds of drums to fill the magazine. If you keep counting, it’s a lot of bullets flying towards you.

The gun itself was to be used in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it was never cut. It seems that we are finding a new life that tears people apart in Warzone.

One Reddit user has nicely and well described the discovery of this pistol: “This will offend people, lmao.”

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