Call of Duty: Warzone player lost XP tokens

Call of Duty: Warzone players are looking forward to a major update that brings Battle Royale and Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War together. However, many players were disappointed that the stored XP tokens were completely removed from Warzone.

“Did you notice that you got all the XP tokens from MW?” RedditorIzNotorious said. “I’ve been stacking them for a long time, and did I think I could use them to level up my weapons in the Cold War just by noticing that they robbed them all? Do we have the same problem? “

XP tokens help players level up faster by giving them double or triple experience points in a short period of time. Many players have saved Black Ops Cold War weapons that have just been added to the War Zone to level up. Currently, they are aware that it can only be used in Modern Warfare multiplayer.

Many of these tokens have been unlocked by leveling up the Battle Pass shared by both Modern Warfare and Warzone. The player doesn’t understand why it was removed and wants Activision to make it available again in Warzone. This is an example of what players were worried about before the update.

Call of Duty: Warzone has received a major update that includes new maps, new limited-time modes, new weapons, new operators, and a brand new Battle Pass. Here you can see patch notes with new additions.

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