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A new Callaway driver was added to the USGA and R & A conforming club list on Monday, making it legal to play in the Sentry Tournament of Champions and other official golf rounds on this week’s PGA Tour.

Callaway has not officially released the EpicSpeed ​​or EpicSpeed ​​LS driver and has not announced when it will be released to the public. However, based on the USGA photos published on that website, we can guess a few things about them.

The Epic Speed ​​Driver has an adjustable hosel mechanism with the word “Jailbreak AI Speed ​​Frame” behind the four silver-tone dots placed behind the front edge.

Callaway Epic Speed ​​Driver. (USGA)

Jailbreak is a technology that Callaway has used for drivers over the past few seasons. This is a pair of bars that connect the sole of the club to the crown just behind the face, reinforcing the chassis at the moment of impact and directing energy that could be lost due to head deformation to the ball for speed. Helps to raise. The golfer couldn’t see the bar, but he saw two dots on the sole indicating where the bar was located.

Callaway has been using artificial intelligence (AI) to design driver faces for three years. By leveraging the power of supercomputers to run thousands of simulations, engineers helped golfers determine shapes that help them achieve longer distances. Perhaps artificial intelligence is currently being used to help jailbreak?

According to the note attached to the USGA photo, the word “FLASH FACE SS 21” is in the batting area. In last season’s Mavrik driver, Callaway used the Flash Face SS20 hit area, so this is probably an upgraded version of that face.

A part of the sole of the toe part seems to be woven and may look good, but that part can also be made of carbon fiber.

Callaway Epic Speed ​​Version 2 Driver

Callaway Epic Speed ​​Version 2 driver. (USGA)

While the Epic Speed ​​driver has a single weight on the back, the Epic Speed ​​version 2 and Epic Speed ​​DS currently on the list also have weights on the back and front of the sole. These weights are movable and the position of the center of gravity (CG) can be shifted back and forth.

In addition, Epic Speed ​​version 2 and Epic Speed ​​DS have three small diamonds near the hosel that are not visible in standard Epic Speed. There are only two jailbreak dots on the sole, but both have the text “Jailbreak AI Speedframe”.

Callaway Epic Speed ​​LS Driver

Callaway Epic Speed ​​LS driver. (USGA)

The Epic Speed ​​LS driver has front and back weights, two dots near the word “Jailbreak AI Speed ​​Frame”, and three diamonds on the hosel. Below the diamond, the letters LS have been added.

While many manufacturers have added LS to the driver’s name to indicate that the club is a low-spin version, Callaway has historically designated a low-spin club “sub-zero” made for experienced players. Was selected.

As soon as we know more about the Callaway Epic Speed ​​Driver Golf Week I will report on them.

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Callaway Epic Speed ​​Driver Added to USGA, R & A Compliant Club List

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