Callisto Protocol, by the creators of Dead Space, will be “the most horrifying game on the next generation platform.”

Among the many announcements this year, The Game Awards included The Callisto Project, the debut game from developer Striking Distance Studios. It’s a horror game set in the PUBG universe (no, actually) led by the creator of Dead Space, and he’s not shy about what the team is trying to achieve.

After the announcement, Glen Schofield, CEO of Striking Distance Studios and creator and producer of the Dead Space series, spoke to IGN about his aspirations to return to space-based survival games. “We’re trying to make you feel like you’re in this world, even though you have to escape from this prison and overcome these unimaginable horrors,” he said. “The more immersive you are, the more you want to know about the story, and the little tips we offer. You ask,” What the hell is this? What is this mystery? “

Many developers can be daunting when they leave dead space, which is generally regarded as one of the survival horrors. It’s not Schofield accepting the challenge of bringing that dark magic to the current generation of hardware. “What I can say … My goal and the goal of the team is to make the most horrifying games on the next generation platform,” he says. “If that’s what you want to play, that’s what we bring.”

The Callisto protocol shares many conceptual ideas with dead space. Set in the colony of Jupiter’s moon Callisto’s prison, public trailers show creepy AI, strange alien monsters, and ominous sighters of prisoners being killed by surveillance cameras. ..

So far, the only explicit PUBG connection is that this is 300 years after the current event of the battle royale game. Striking Distance Studios was founded last year as part of PUBG Corp. Schofield left EA and Visceral Games after the first Dead Space to work on Activision’s Call of Duty game and then returned to sci-fi terrorism.

You can see the following announcements. Finally, Schofield guarantees everyone that this will be a pure single-player survival horror.

The Callisto project will be released in 2022. Other major game award headlines include Mass Effect 5 teaser, Dragon Age 4 new video sliver, Yakuza collection and Yakuza 6 coming to PC next year, and Vin Diesel. Ark 2.

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