Callisto Protocol is a kind of PUBG game

Callisto Protocol is a new horror project by Dead Space creators. It’s also a kind of PUBG game.

One of the most exciting announcements at The Game Awards 2020 Ceremony last week was Callisto Protocol, A new survival horror game by the makers of Dead Space.

Third-person games are developed at Striking Distance, a studio led by industry veteran and Dead Space co-creator Glensco Field.

Striking Distance, of course, is PUBG publisher PUBG Corp in 2019 to work on games set in the PUBG universe. It is a studio established by. In fact, when Scofield announced the studio to the world, he confirmed that the team was already working on a narrative game set in that universe, so we correctly assumed it was some sort of shooter. did.

But what Scofield didn’t reveal at the time was its name or genre. It turns out that the mysterious projects set in the Callisto protocol and the PUBG universe are the same. Schofield told in an interview that the next horror game will take place 300 years after the PUBG universe.

“What’s interesting is that I came across this story when I first went to meet and start talking to the PUBG people. [The Callisto Protocol] And build a studio. I presented them with this game so I tried to fit it into the PUBG storyline, “Schofield explained.

We talked to Chief Development Officer Steve Papusis about why the studio returned to its roots in survival horror.

“Here’s a passion for horror games for me, Glenn, and the great team we’ve got together,” says Papoutsis.

“We wanted to do something single-player-led, story-focused, and offering plenty of horror opportunities. Jupiter’s Dead Moon, Callisto’s Prison Colony, where it goes I had some cool ideas about the theme in terms of being struck. It was literally the top line lift pitch. “

Read the entire interview at the link or check out ‘s chat with Schofield above.

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The Callisto Protocol is kind of a PUBG game

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