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For the first time in the history of the Masters 1000, Indian Wells has brought together four semi-finalists ranked out of the Top 25. Alexander Zverev, Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andrey Rublev lost before the semi-final round, leaving other players open to chase the glory of the Masters 1000.

After all, Cameron Norrie was the last man to stand on Sunday, defeating Nikoloz Basilashvili 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 in 1 hour 49 minutes and the first Masters 1000 in two fights. I won the crown. Finalist at this level.

Cameron came to the Indian Wells with eight 1000 Masters wins, scoring six points in the desert, celebrating his career’s best title and making it into the Top 20 with 1000 points. Briton played better behind the first serve, defending three of the six break chances, offering five breaks and turning the table after the opener, bringing victory for a major celebration. rice field.

It wasn’t the top final, with 10 winners from Norrie, 25 mistakes, and 24-49 percentages of Georgians who lost the ground altogether after dropping the second set. There was nothing to separate the rivals in the midrange and the most extended exchanges, and Norrie built a decisive advantage in the shortest rally up to 4 strokes.

Nicolos was held at 15 in the opening game with the winner of the service, and Cameron was the winner of the game 2 smash and named him on the scoreboard. Briton claimed the opening break for Game 3 when Georgian sprayed a forehand mistake and fell in love with a serve that wasn’t returned for a 3-1 lead a few minutes later 12 minutes later.

Norrie hit a double fault in the sixth game, took a break and put his rivals back in the fight before Bashira Shibiri fell in love for a 4-3 advantage.

Cameron Norrie defeated Nikoloz Basilashvili on the tea set to win the Indian Wells.

Nicolos was in charge of that moment, grabbing another break and moving forward 5-3 to contribute to the game 9 set, 29 minutes later landing the forehand on the line winner and bagging the closed end and opener. I put it in.

A left-handed player blew a volley miss on the net in the third game of the second set and fell to 2-1 and then pulled back the break 2-2 a few minutes later. In the fifth game, Cameron held with a short backhand winner and wasted a break chance in the next game.

Nicolos held 3-4 after some issues and moved two games from the title. Cameron was the winner of the perfect drop shot and took the ninth game home, and a few minutes later he fell in love and rattled eight straight points, forcing the decision-maker.

As Cameron scored five straight points for the essential hold, Nicolos was late by spraying a backhand mistake in the second game of the third set, wasting three break chances in the next game. The Georgians fought hard to survive the fourth match, giving his name to the scoreboard and then hitting a long backhand with a 4-1 deficit in the next match.

Cameron broke again in Game 6 and, minutes later, held at 15, signed a contract and became the Masters 1000 Champion.

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Cameron Norrie defeats Nikoloz Basilashvili to celebrate the crown Cameron Norrie defeats Nikoloz Basilashvili to celebrate the crown

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