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When Team Canada played the last few minutes of a 16-2 victory over Team Germany on Saturday, fans watching the game began to feel sick of the completely unmanned German team, but Team Canada I was wondering how high the points could be earned by the gas-executed opponent. Dylan Cozens opened the tournament and scored 6 points in the game, while Dawson Mercer scored 4 points. It was natural to wonder if any of these players, especially Cozens, could catch the record holder for a single tournament.

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We were made to think because Cozens recorded a hat-trick and Team Canada took full control of the game … given that the German team removed nine skaters from the lineup due to health concerns. Was this game a one-time game? Or was this a sign of the future?

It’s fair to argue that this is how good Team Canada is, and if Cozens can continue his run as the team’s new co-captain, there’s more to come from what fans saw on Saturday. .. We began to wonder who was the top scorer in the history of the World Junior Championships and how many more points a player like Cozens would need.

If he keeps this pace, Cozens will easily break the record. I don’t think this pace will continue, but he gives himself a strong chance to compete.

Below are the top five major scorers in the history of the World Junior Championships. It goes from 5 to 1. Will Team Canada players be in the Top 5 by the end of the 2021 tournament?

# 5: Esa Tikkanen – Team Finland, 20 points

A former NHL veteran, he spent time with Edmonton Oilers and the New York Rangers as juniors and key players in Team Finland. He played for the team from 1983 to 1985, and in the last year Tikkanen scored 20 points that year. It actually tied him to Vladimir Ludika, who scored 20 points in the Czech single season.

# 4: Robert Reichel, Czech Republic, 21 points

In 1990, at the age of 18, Rachel scored 21 points in the Czech Republic. That year, the team won a bronze medal. He had 11 goals and 10 points. He scored an average of 3 points per game.

# 3.Raimo Helminen, Team Finland – 24 points

In 1984, Helminen led the team to a silver medal with 11 goals and 13 assists, scoring 24 points. At that time he was 19 years old. Helminen didn’t spend much time in the NHL after the tournament. He played a total of 117 games between the New York Rangers, Minnesota North Stars and the New York Islanders.

Marx Nazland has scored the second most points in one World Junior Championships tournament

# 2.Marx Nazland, Team Sweden – 24 points

In 1993, Nathland scored an incredible 24 points as a sophomore and 19-year-old player. Even more incredible, he wasn’t the top scorer for the tournament.

Naslund continued to have an incredible NHL career. He was one of the most productive NHL players between 2001 and 2004 and did great things for the Vancouver Canucks franchise. He was traded there by the Pittsburgh Penguins in a deal that is still talked about today.

# 1.Peter Forsberg-Team Sweden-31 points

That same year, it was Peter Forsberg, one of NHL’s best power forwards, who surpassed Naslund. He scored 31 points, 7 of which were goals and 24 assists.

Forsberg averages 4.429 points per game, completely superior to any other player in the Top 5. Surprisingly, Team Sweden didn’t win the tournament that year. I won a silver medal.

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Can Cozens rank in the top five in single season world junior history? Can Cozens rank in the top five in single season world junior history?

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