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Monday Night Football is set to kick off in a few hours, so Fantasy football A manager in need of a comeback victory could change to an unlikely name in the Seattle Seahawks backfield — repelling Dee Jay Dallas. Can I start Dallas tonight as Seattle may see a more important workload than usual when he leaves some RBs for an injury and heads for MNF?

Seahawks RB suffers from injury this season

Unfortunately, the injured bug seems to have found a way to Seattle. With Chris Carson (neck) on the injured list and appearing in the season after surgery, the Seahawks last needed an additional injury to the backfield.

The first round of 2018 picks, Rashaad Penny (hamstring) and Travis Homer (calf), were both excluded prior to Monday Night Football. Neither player has had a significant impact on the season. This is especially true for penny who played in just four games this year. Penny and Homer combined a 109-yard 28 rush without touchdowns. Of the two, Homer was the only back to see the piece in the pass game, pulling 11 out of 12 targets in 72 yards.

The Seahawks will welcome Alex Collins and Dallas as active RBs on Monday night. Despite his workload over the last few weeks, Collins hasn’t been exciting. He has seen more than 10 carries in every game since the 4th week, but he only goes out more than 50 rush yards once (6th week).

He is also a non-factor of pass games and has seen less than one target per game since the 5th week. This is where Dallas could become an integral part of the Seahawks game plan for Washington.

Dallas only saw the field with 61 snaps (11%), but at least his touch is more efficient than Collins. With 14 carries this year, Dallas achieved a total of 60 yards (4.3 per carry) and one touchdown. He also caught 9 out of 10 targets 72 yards away from the backfield.

In fact, he has quit one of his better games in his short career. In the 11th week, Dallas played at Seattle’s attack snap season’s highest 37%, rushed four times at 25 yards, caught one of two targets and won the first TD of the season. .. Given that Collins can’t do much in the lead role, it’s unlikely that Dallas will confuse Collins’ workload and prevent him from claiming a more prominent role tonight.

Should Fantasy Manager Start Dallas on Monday Night?

If you’re still waiting to fill the last place in your fantasy roster, your options may be limited. All teams except two are already playing and the players on their roster are locked. Based on last week’s usage, guard changes may have taken place in the Seahawks backfield. Dallas won the TD and was summoned at some of the most leveraged and leveraged moments since the sixth week. problem? We don’t know what Seattle crimes are happening every week.

They are 3-7 as a team and lack an aggressive identity outside Russell Wilson trying to find a Tyler Lockett or DK Metcalf at a deep target. As a team, they hurriedly ranked 23rd in the NFL, averaging 98.4 yards per game. On the one hand, Washington isn’t the stuffy defense we saw last season. Earlier this week, they were 19th in the fantasy points allowed to RB at 23.28 per game. They allow the second highest fantasy points overall at 100.45 per contest.

Washington offers a great match between Dallas and Seattle

If the Seahawks needed the right game, this is it. Given Washington’s failure to stop the pass, I could see Seattle moving the ball freely in the wide out. This should open things up to people like Dallas who are hoping to contribute in the pass game. Washington has allowed eight of the league’s best to touch down to RB this season. More than half of the fantasy points they give to RB have passed through the air.

Neither Collins nor Dallas is a safe play. Both range from low-end RB3 to mid-RB4. However, if Dallas is involved in an overtaking attack, the upper limit between the two can be higher. That said, his volume isn’t guaranteed, so he also has a lower floor. He’s a dangerous starter, but if you need last-minute fantasy play, Dallas is as good a shot as you can find in this game.

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Can Dallas be a reliable starter for Washington? Can Dallas be a reliable starter for Washington?

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