Can FIFA 21 be classified as an “online casino”?

EA Sports has been producing FIFA series video games since 1995. The game will be more popular than ever in 2020, and the new game FIFA 21 has sold millions of copies worldwide. However, partly because of its popularity, the game has caused a great deal of controversy due to its potential gambling capabilities. The game rating is U, which means “suitable for everyone”. In other words, the game has no age limit, but I believe many are still gambling when compared to the types of casinos in the Casino Range. Of course, you should limit it to people over the age of 18.

What are you curious about?

A feature that many consider to be gambling is in the in-game Ultimate Team sector. There are packs that can be purchased with both virtual coins and real money, including virtual players that can be placed on the user’s team. The Ultimate Team was founded in 2009, more than a decade before anyone properly argued whether a “store” pack was in the form of gambling.

Many people are complaining about loot boxes for games like Fortnite, and as a result, loot boxes are banned in countries like China and Belgium. The random cycle of what can emerge from the loot box is likened to a random spin in a slot game. There is a lot of controversy about having these video games have the same age rating, as slots are strictly over 18 years old only in the UK. Similar effects are believed to be seen in packs in the FIFA Ultimate Team store. There is a random chance of putting a particular player in the pack. At least that’s what the average person was thinking. In fact, the EA has confirmed that different players have different odds of being released from the pack. This meant that some of these probabilities had to be displayed in the store before the user could open the pack. This helped reduce spectator complaints about children exposed to gambling minors. Things seemed to decline for a while until more action was taken these days.

New measures for EA

As dissatisfaction with the gambling side of FIFA games continues, EA has introduced tools to control the amount of money players can spend on pucks. The company has been accused of promoting microtransactions to children from the Smyths Toy Store. This is a serious crime to be blamed, which is why EA may change the way the game is played. Belgium, in particular, seems to have a very strong view of gambling in video games. The Belgian government has decided that FIFA games violate gambling law by selling loot boxes to children. This gives the EA two options. They need to remove or continue microtransactions from the game (if they believe they are innocent) and risk paying a fine of millions of euros. Not only Belgium has this view, but the Netherlands has a very similar view. These two countries could be the first of many to follow this route. Canada and the United Kingdom are investigating how loot boxes are used in video games (including FIFA packs). This, of course, led to a rethinking within the EA of the approach used within the pack sale. New tools for limiting spending haven’t been announced in detail yet, but the EA hints at the approach they take. They plan to implement features that limit each feature of FIFA 21 in one of the game updates. This includes limiting in-game purchases. Exposure that children have to gamble. The game also provides details on how long players are playing and how much they have spent on pucks. This is very similar to some of the gambling regulations that online casinos have come up with, such as deposit limits and time reminders.

So where does it generally leave it for EA and loot boxes?

Overall, EA seems to admit that there is a problem with the FIFA 21 virtual pack being exposed to children. If all goes well, they are unlikely to take action to change their behavior. However, it makes sense to address critics by making the appropriate changes to address the issue to be addressed. They took some positive action by giving players the opportunity to see how much time and money they have invested in the game. This will prevent users from overspending and create a fair competition for all players. However, this does not address the loot box issue head-on. Root packs will remain in the game for people to buy in the near future.

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Can FIFA 21 be classed as an “Online Casino”?

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