Can Homeopathy Help Treat Men’s UTIs?

Urinary tract infections are caused by the growth of bacteria that cause harmful diseases of the urethral system. UTIs are very common and can occur in people of any age or gender. It is true that about 8 million people worldwide have to see a doctor each year because of a urinary tract infection.

Women are more likely than men to develop urinary tract infections. For men, chances are low, Men catch UTI, It can be really complicated. The infection can spread to the upper urethra. Men who suffer from these urinary tract infections suffer from pain and a burning sensation while peeing.

Other common symptoms of UTI in men are:

  • Foul odor and foamy urine
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Reduced urine flow
    Young man suffering from UTI

Now that you know your condition and its symptoms, let’s go for treatment. Through this blog, you can learn about homeopathic medicines and their therapeutic effects. Urinary-tract infection..

Homeopathic medicines contain natural ingredients, so the potential for side effects is extremely rare. This leads to the reliability of homeopathy in the treatment of UTI. The dosage and duration of the drug depends on your doctor’s prescription.

Here are some of the effective homeopathic medicines that can cure UTI in men:

Berberis vulgaris- Barberry vulgaris Is a common homeopathic drug prescribed for many problems related to the urinary system. In the case of urinary tract infections, barberry vulgaris relieves the pain of amputation when urinating. It also relieves urethral pain and the urge to pee frequently.

Belladonna- Belladonna has surprising results when UTI sensitizes the bladder. It is also very helpful in reducing the symptoms of mild hematuria (the presence of blood cells in the urine, which changes the color of the urine).

Cantalis- Cantalis is another effective homeopathic remedy for the symptoms of urinary tract infections. Reduces pain in the seams before and after pee. In addition, it solves the problem of urine dripping and the inability to significantly empty the bladder.

Nux vomica- Nux vomica actively addresses almost all symptoms of UTI. This treatment relieves genital swelling, pain, pain, itching, and the urge to urinate frequently.

Apis mellifica- It is very convenient to cure abdominal pain and burning sensation while peeing. These two are the most unpleasant symptoms of UTI and require powerful and effective medications. Apis mellifica significantly reduces these UTI symptoms in a few days.

Clematis- This homeopathic remedy is used when a man is unable to empty his bladder at one time due to an infection. Clematis addresses the obstruction and tingling sensations experienced in the passage of urine.

These are the most reliable homeopathic remedies that are popular with positive results without side effects. However, these drugs may not completely relieve the symptoms or the symptoms may recur soon.

In such cases, men should consult a specialist (urologist) rather than homeopathy. A urologist will make a thorough diagnosis and recommend a treatment that suits your condition. For quick relief from urinary tract infections, you can contact one of the PristinCare urologists.. (Read again: What tests do I need to diagnose a UTI? )

Urethral infections in men

In most cases, completing a course of oral medication is sufficient to cure a male UTI. Surgical treatment is necessary only if the cause of the urinary tract infection is kidney stones or benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Pristyn Care offers not only the latest treatments for UTI, but also the latest surgery to treat kidney stones and benign prostatic hyperplasia. All surgical techniques are USFDA approved and performed by the best surgeons across the country.

Pristyn Care also has many clinics operating throughout Delhi and all other major Indian cities. Therefore, you can easily consult a urologist by booking online. Once your doctor has assessed the root cause of UTI in your case, you can receive advanced treatment at a Pristine Care partner hospital near you.


UTIs can be transmitted to men if they do not follow proper toilet hygiene, indulge in dangerous sex, or use public toilets frequently. Prevention is better than treatment, but if you suffer from a UTI, don’t wait for the infection to resolve spontaneously. If treatment is delayed, the symptoms worsen and become intolerable over time. And such long-term conditions can become so complex that it takes time to resolve. Therefore, if you are suffering from UTI issues, please contact PristynCare for a seamless treatment experience.

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