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Due to confusing restrictions, England Golf has written a letter calling on the government to ease it.Steve Carroll has the latest

That’s a frequently asked question – “Can I move between layers of Covid to play golf?” – So let’s get rid of it.

Can I move between tiers to play golf?

Tier 3 and New Tier 4 “You should avoid traveling outside your area unless necessary, such as for work, education, youth service, medical treatment, or responsibility for caring for you.”

Some clubs were in a difficult position as they tried to interpret what that meant to their members. And it left players who may live near their club but live in another tier, uncertain about what the rules allow.

Martin Sr., director of the Lancashire Golf Union, who writes on LinkedIn, explained that he lives three miles from the Southport club.

“I’m 1.6km (1 mile) in Lancashire, a small village 18 miles from Preston, and although I don’t currently plan to go golf in Tier 3, it’s completely legal during the last four weeks of a complete blockade. Walking the dog on the course, “he said.

Meanwhile, the Lansdown Golf Club in Bath is pleased to reopen its members, while “government and England Golf advise that golfers should avoid traveling from Tier 3 locations to play golf. I am.

“It is our duty to inform you of this advice and state that we always advise our members to follow government guidance.”

England Golf said: “Adding an exemption to the’Organized Sports and Leisure’limit will eliminate the current travel turmoil and allow all golfers to benefit from returning to play tomorrow (Wednesday). “

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Can I move between tiers to play golf? Can I move between tiers to play golf?

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