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Blake Griffin Agreed to acquire Detroit Pistons and made him a free agent.One of the teams he is potentially linked to as a potential landing point Portland Trail Blazers Around Bleacher Report Dan Faber.. The Blazers are back in a season of injuries, so they may be looking for another veteran to rescue them.

They played the Hail Mary Pass last season when they signed with Carmelo Anthony for an injury. He has been out of the league since being cut by the Houston Rockets and needed to prove. Together, Anthony and the rest of the Blazers reached the eighth seed in one of the most difficult seasons the NBA has ever seen.

The Blazers lost Jusuf Nurkić and CJ McCollum in a medium-term injury this season and are still waiting for Zach Collins to return from off-season surgery. The Blazers Big Man stock, especially those who can vacate the floor, is exhausted.

The Portland Trail Blazers have entered yet another injured season. Can they sign Blake Griffin to help them compete for the title?

The Blazers have some great floor spacers. Damian Lillard can shoot from anywhere past the timeline, and Gary Trent Jr. is stepping into the void left by McCallum’s injury. Nassir Little and Anthony also play their part, but they need another big guy who can shoot.

Enes Kanter has been huge since he set foot in his first role and has averaged double-double so far this season. The problem is that although the shooting range is limited, the aggressive rebound ability is the best throwback post player in the NBA.

Harry Giles is also a post player who doesn’t take many shots of the surroundings. The game plan with either big guy on the court is the same, and the team can use one defensive strategy for both of these players in all games.

However, if the Blazers lineup includes something like Griffin, the team will have to adopt a completely different strategy when defending him. That’s why his ability to play inside and outside made it so difficult to protect him before a knee injury had such an impact on his career.

This brings us to the drawbacks of signing Griffin. His defense fell off the cliff. He no longer has the ability to move laterally on the defender in response to aggressive player movements. He can also be a streetlight pillar when defending during the transition period.

The Blazers use Robert Covington and Derrick Jones Jr. as defensive stoppers, so they may be able to cover some of Griffin’s flaws at the end. This probably means that Career Power Forward spends more time as Stretch 5.

However, this can have a greater impact on his body. Griffin is in this position due to multiple knee injuries that reduced the two seasons to less than 35 games. He has also played less than 67 games three times.

Signing as an injured player like Griffy would be a risk for teams that don’t need to set aside any more players. However, his aggressive abilities helped Griffin help the Portland Trail Blazers overtake the enemy.

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Can signing Blake Griffin help the Portland Trail Blazers? Can signing Blake Griffin help the Portland Trail Blazers?

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