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Is Denver Broncos looking for a quarterback in the 2021 draft?

If a team votes for Broncos Country members as to whether they need to stick to Drew Lock as a starting quarterback for the season and beyond, they may evenly agree or disagree with the idea.

Rock can somehow shake these opinions in the course of the last two games of the season. However, regardless of the outcome of those games, Broncos will be drafted high in the first round.

If the season ends today, Broncos will pick in the 13th pick in the first round. It’s too far to get something like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, but what if BYU’s Zach Wilson was still there?

The Utah Draper Junior Quarterback has a great career at BYU and has the potential to enter the 2021 draft. Following his recent performance at the Boca Raton Bowl, he has received high praise.

He has great sizes at 6 feet-3 and 210 pounds. He also has no obvious weaknesses.

Wilson has excellent arm strength and sound decision-making skills. He also demonstrates above-average accuracy and excellent maneuverability. The team drafting him gets the full package.

He finished his BYU career in three seasons with 7,652 yards of passes and 56 touchdowns. He played with Cougar in three bowl games, each of which was named the MVP of the game. But what really surprised many people was his recent performance on December 22nd.

Wilson beat Central Florida 49-23, passing 425 yards, throwing three touchdown passes and scoring two more. The performance may bounce him over Fields in many simulated drafts.

But if he falls into a Broncos pick, will Broncos be obsessed with taking over him?

Maybe. Many fans don’t want to see another attempt to try yet another man as a potential franchise quarterback in the future, so pure talent cannot be overlooked. Rock had some great games for the team, but he also had some really, really bad games.

I’m not saying Wilson wouldn’t, but when Wilson is mentioned in the same way as Patrick Mahomes, it should at least be seriously considered.

What is your vote?

If Wilson was on the board when Broncos got on the watch, should the team take him? Before making that decision, would you like to see what Rock does in these last two games?

Would you please entertain the idea of ​​trading up in the first round to ensure Wilson will play in Orange and Blue next season?

So far, quarterback ratings haven’t been John Elway’s strength, but all the signs indicate that Wilson is a future star.

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Can the team take over Zach Wilson? Can the team take over Zach Wilson?

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