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The White Sox has one of the best closers of his generation with holes in his pockets. Craig KimbrelTrading availability is not a secret, so speculation has reached the part of the trade rumor lifecycle of what would happen if he didn’t trade. MLBTR’s Mark Polishuk explored yesterday..That said, when GM Rick Hahn picked up the phone to talk to the store with one of the other 29 general managers, Kimbrel probably Only Conversation topic.

After all, determining the value of a player like Kimbrel can often be achieved by touching a number of evaluation points, the player, before returning to their original focus. And, of course, those conversations may not return to the original focus player at all. Vinnie Duber of NBC Sports speculates About some of the other players that the White Sox may behave violently in trade negotiations. This practice most often results in a list of White Sox prospects and young players who have not yet established a full-time role. Indeed, for Chicago’s South Cider, they are the type of winning club that needs to consider moving prospects. ..

The top players on Duber’s list (after Kimbrel) are: Andrew Bourne, The third overall pick of the 2019 draft. After an explosive season at the University of California, Berkeley, Bourne was considered a potential surge, but the White Sox ranked third overall after the waiting superstar. I was surprised. Adley Rutschman When Bobby Witt Junior His bat was impressive, but first baseman is usually draft and not too high.

In addition, the White Sox already had first baseman Jose Abreu.. Abreu hasn’t reached the 2020 MVP season yet, but internally, the organization has always appreciated him. Of course, drafting for position needs is not a rule of thumb for MLB drafts. Anyway, at that time, Abreu was a potential free agent at the end of the year. Therefore, in addition to being a high-end college bat, Bourne benefited the White Sox as an insurance policy and bargaining tactic, even before he wore a uniform.

Bourne was first blocked by Abreu when it was easy to pave the way for the Chicago draft team, but as Bourne approached Major League Baseball preparations, a fictional conundrum was realized in 2021. 2019 was the only minor league experience for a pandemic, but the White Sox still considered Bourne ready for the show in 2021 and the fact that there was no way to normal play time. Put Bourne, who didn’t stop them, on the roster on the first day. Of course, the injury paved the way. All Bourne had to do was learn a new position on the spot at the highest level of sport.

All in all, Bourne holds himself pretty well in the rookie season, spending time on first base, left fielder, right fielder, second baseman and third baseman, significantly .235 / .309 / .396 at 469 at bats. Reduced. His performance on the plate ended 6% worse than average at 94 wRC +, so I was a little disappointed, but if someone deserves a little grace, it’s Bone.

Consider the situation again. Bourne played the 23-year-old season and hadn’t played organized baseball for over a year. Adapting to life as a part-time player, I never surpassed High-A while I wasn’t learning one, not one. four New position. He did so for teams with post-season expectations who never had time to wait for Bourne to “grow.”He did so on behalf of two injured outfielders instead of one Eloy Jimenez When Luis Robert A person who soon became the face of rising power in Armor Square. Even if it is about the same as the value of a replacement player in such a situation (0.2 rWAR, 0.3 fWAR), it should be counted as a ChiSox victory. Vaughan’s future is bright. Steamer predicts Vaughn to be a 114w RC + batter by next season.

Due to the height of the draft topic debuting for the championship candidates, Bourne’s national spotlight was surprisingly dim. His unobtrusiveness may be partly due to the attention of other stars on the team. It could be partly due to the fact that the White Sox escaped in the division, but above all, it’s probably rare for part-time players to play a leading role.And as Gavin Sheets, Another rookie bat was crushed to the right after justice, and Bourne was increasingly forced into the mission of the short-sided platoon where he was most suitable.

Bourne’s platoon division is hard to ignore. The young slugger hit the southpaw to a 156w RC + song on the .269 / .383 / .555 line. For right-handed people, the bones have shrunk to .221/.277/.332 triple slashes, just 68 wRC +. Based on its production, Bourne is already an elite platoon platoon bat. The question is whether he can grow any further if he hasn’t got those at-bats against Harler of the same hand. The White Sox is very popular at AL Central, but the Royals and Tigers are on the rise, and the Twins and Guardians were formidable enemies not long ago. It is fair to wonder if they can give him the time and space to grow.

We have to ask: Should the White Sox trade bones? As long as Chicago is preferred, they have a second base, a right fielder, and a hole to potentially fill with rotation. Moving the bones is painful, but Duver’s argument is that just returning to Kimbrel’s trade confirms that Hahn is willing to shuffle the pieces to meet the needs of the position. Even if that means sacrificing a young player.Last year’s trade Nick Madrigal Of course, it was a special situation where Madrigal’s injury caused him to go to zero in 2021. Hahn saw the possibility of turning Madrigal’s Zero into a positive point in the ledger when bidding to become a World Series candidate.

Of course, given how it turned out in Chicago, Hahn might think twice about doing the same thing.That said, move the bones right If Bourne continues as a part-time player, the movement will be similar. Turning part-time production to full-time production is a similar resource capitalization, but it assumes that Chicago can’t find a way to get bones into the lineup on a regular basis. What’s more, his long-term potential and elite production for left-handers may be sufficient to hold the bone firmly, regardless of what player Hahn can return.

There is also the issue of bone “diversity” that Chicago did use in 2021. Bourne was defensively shy in every position, but not positive in every place. Sure, they can keep him moving around the diamond if needed, but that may not be the best way to maximize bones as a resource.

There are basically two paths that the White Sox would want to consider for Bourne as a resource. How can they maximize his value and support this team right now, and how can Bourne grow best to reach his substantial limit as a player? Can you? If they are confident in aligning those tracks, there is no reason to consider moving bones, not when there are options left to fill the holes in those rosters. If the White Sox has doubts about his ability to multitask the development of bones, it’s worth considering his value in the market.

So what exactly do they target in a transaction? A regular second baseman or right fielder with similar team control and potential. To tell, Nick Madrigal type? I am a child But maybe they can pair Bourne and Kimbrel to get a true prime superstar? Unfortunately, Kimbrel and Bourne together offer a wrong blend of wins and future potential for teams who may be willing to deduct “true superstars.” What’s more, there are so many young players who have proven to be Major League Baseball players that the team wants to surrender, even if they have holes to fill.

Of course, these deals occur and are rarely easy to find before they are delivered to the league office. Brewers and raises are good at these types of deals, but usually avoid the value of young players. The White Sox has no such history. So perhaps Bourne will continue to grow as a member of the 2022 White Sox, sometimes starting to smash right fielders, sometimes first basemen, always left wing, and hopefully to find a way to keep the lineup’s everyday place down – and. No matter what uniform he wears, it’s true.

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Can the White Sox get the most out of Andrew Bone? Can the White Sox get the most out of Andrew Bone?

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