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Canada Revenue Agency: The Worst TFSA Mistakes That Spend You Big Money

If you have a Duty Free Savings Account (TFSA), you can invest in almost anything through your account. Eligible investments include fixed income, exchange traded funds (ETFs), guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), investment trusts, and equities. Unfortunately, according to recent reports, only 49% of Canadians are aware of this TFSA feature. Bank of Montreal Research.

The same findings also revealed that cash is a major investment in TFSA for 38% of pollster respondents. It’s encouraging to know that Canadians are saving during a pandemic, but cash is not the best investment choice.that is Worst TFSA Miss, And if you continue practicing, it can cost a lot of money.

What am I missing?

Since 2009, Canadians Opportunity to create wealth Through TFSA. Savings accounts are the best way to invest because they have three basic functions. If you don’t use some of your cash to invest in income-generating assets, you’ll miss these great features.

Duty Free Money Growth

The duty-free money growth feature is the most exciting for users. If TFSA has revenue-generating assets, you can reach your short-term and long-term financial goals faster. Income in your account is tax exempt, whether it’s interest, capital gains or dividends.

Zero tax penalty on withdrawals

You can withdraw any amount at any time without tax penalties. Unused contribution rooms will be carried over to the future. Regardless of the withdrawal amount, it does not affect benefits from government programs such as Canada Child Allowance (CCB) to Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will not stand behind you unless you contribute excessively. Monitor available donation rooms to avoid paying a monthly penalty of 1% for overdonations. In 2021, the new donation limit is $ 6,000, but the cumulative donation limit is $ 75,500.

Tax shelter

Your TFSA acts as a tax haven. If the marginal tax is high, you will pay virtually less tax when withdrawing funds from the TFSA. Retirees can delay withdrawals from the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) by prioritizing TFSA withdrawals.

Exciting prospects for TFSA investors

Polaris infrastructure (TSX: PIF) Is an exciting outlook for TFSA investors in 2021. At $ 17.71 per share, the $ 278.16 million renewable energy company pays a significant 4.4% dividend while maintaining a low dividend payout ratio of 49.18%. A $ 6,000 TFSA donation will generate an additional $ 264 in income. Cash deposits will be zero.

Last year, the utility stock withstood the COVID-19 shock, bringing investors a high return of 53%. Similarly, Polaris outperformed the general stock market (+ 2.17%). Founded in 1984, the company is engaged in the development and operation of geothermal and hydropower projects in Latin America.

The geothermal facility in northwestern Nicaragua, or the San Jacinto project, has a net capacity of 72 megawatts (MW). Polaris owns the Casita San Cristobal project in the same area. This is an exploration right with a vast area of ​​100 square kilometers. In Peru, Polaris operates a 5 MW inflow hydropower facility and two hydropower projects with a total capacity of approximately 28 MW.

Work your cash

Canadians are saving money during a pandemic. However, a significant number (38%) do not take full advantage of TFSA. If you have free cash, make good use of your money instead of keeping it idle at TFSA.

The worst mistakes TFSA users in 2020 are …

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Canada Revenue Agency: The Worst TFSA Mistakes That Spend You Big Money Canada Revenue Agency: The Worst TFSA Mistakes That Spend You Big Money

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