Cancel PS4 game from grave and release next month

The canceled PS4 game will be back from the grave and released next month. March will be a relatively late month for PS4 players. There aren’t many substantive results coming out on PS4- or PS5-next month. March is usually a busy month with big game releases, but this year it’s not. That said, one of the games PS4 players are looking forward to is Postal Redux. It was canceled on PS4 in 2017, but will return to the console on March 5th via the PlayStation Store and MD Games.

Postal Redux made its debut on the scene in 2016 via PC and Steam. At the time, the game was scheduled to appear on the PS4, but due to the lack of commercial PC version, this version was canned in 2017. However, since then, MD Games has appeared, porting the game to Nintendo Switch, and planning to introduce the game to PS4 next month.

As for the game itself, it’s actually a 1997 Postal remake, an isometric top-down shooter that couldn’t be critically influenced and didn’t ignite the world commercially, but a bit of a cult classic. Is enough to spawn a successful series.

The remake on Steam boasts a “Very Positive” Steam user review rating, with 91% of players actively reviewing the game with over 1,600 reviews.

“The classic dark and surreal twin-stick isometric shooter is back with revenge,” reads the game’s official pitch. “Postal Redux is a high-resolution remake of The Postal Dude’s first foray into the infamous world. Faithfully reproduced high-resolution visuals, remastered music, sounds, dialogs, and up-to-date revamps. Get ready to experience his psychological journey in gameplay. Waiting everywhere for crazy Gunman blood. The only option is clear. Catch them before they catch you. Let’s fight back with devastating weapons as we pass through the violent town. It’s time to relive the madness of GOING POSTAL! “

At the time of publication, there is no word for PS5 ports, but thanks to backward compatibility, the game can be played on the console.

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