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Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders are ready for the main event (8 pm ET) at DAZN on Saturday night, live from AT & T Stadium in Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium, one of the biggest battles in 2021, is expected to have around 60,000 fans.

Scott Christ (33-8-2)

Billy Joe Saunders really tried to figure out how to think he could win this fight.I did so Here on wednesday.. But I haven’t actually seen it. Sanders doesn’t want to stand on his toes with Canelo, so he wants the ring as big as possible. Hey, that’s okay — as long as both parties agree, not everyone wants to firefight, and it’s not Sanders’ style. It’s not really Canelo’s either, but the largest space Billie Joe can find is better for him.

But I don’t think the farther away he is from the situation he doesn’t want to enter, the more he actually helps to win. I think Sanders’ style can be a problem for Canelo and everyone. If this were 2015, it could be a controversial score issue. I don’t think the cards here will be a big anger. Canelo doesn’t throw a billion punches and move forward in a hurry, so I’m hoping Sanders will nick a few rounds, but dominate to the point where Sanders has revealed his advantage. I don’t even know what you are doing.

Expect Thunders to play pick and peck, move and defense. That way he will never get into real trouble. But he is not going to win. He doesn’t have the power to seriously respect the layers needed for the game, especially Canelo. Not only is Sanders not a big puncher, Alvarez takes great shots anyway. Here is Canelo on the card all day long. It could be 11-1 or 7-5, but it will be his fight. Canelo UD-12

How to see Canelo vs Sanders

date: Saturday, May 8 | Time to start: 8:00 pm EST
Location: AT & T Stadium-Arlington, Texas
Streaming: DAZN
Online coverage:

Will Esco (34-7-2)

The great Al Pacino once said, “In this team, we will fight for that inch!”And if you are totally familiar Any Given Sunday Billy Joe Saunders needs an inch wherever.. That’s probably why he’s stinking about all sorts of issues that have led to Canelo’s fight in the last few weeks. Sanders is a great boxer with a unique kind of style that is really hard to emulate and prepare. He also thinks punching power will make a big difference in the fight against Canelo, who is not a puncher and has elite level boxing skills. Not only is Canelo a cumbersome power puncher like David Lemieux, but it also has far more technology and versatility. So if Sanders can’t stand on his toes with Canelo, he’s sure he’s not going to do that, but he must be able to significantly outperform him on the outside.

I really think Sanders brings real difficulties to Canelo, as they are clever fighters who put defense first. That alone makes it difficult for Canelo to land consistently early on. In fact, I expect the fight to be fairly sluggish in the first half, with little sustained action due to the landing of Punch. But if Sanders begins to decline in the second half, that will be a real problem. Because Canelo has boxing abilities comparable to Sanders and can do serious damage with his power punch. I want to believe that Sanders is fully confronted with this battle and is physically ready. If so, I think he’s good enough to prevent him from being knocked out. In any case, I don’t really see a scenario where he outpoints Canelo with a card, and I definitely don’t think he can stop Canelo. Canelo UD-12

Patrick L. Stanberg (33-8-2)

Here’s what Billy Joe Saunders needs to win: First, the man who lived and died with Marcelo Coceres must do his best throughout his career. Second, that effort is enough to overcome a man who has almost no doubt that he is the best super middleweight on the planet, despite my endless personal disgust. must be. Third, his rule must be so thorough that even Canelo’s supernatural appeal to the judge cannot stand before it.

Does it really sound feasible?

I don’t know what Saunders is doing here. When he tries to play Keepaway, Canelo’s ringcuts and body assaults ensure that he does more damage and gives an eye-catching blow. If Sanders tries to push him into his hind legs, Canelo is a counter puncher powerful enough to recreate Koseles’ successful efforts on the front line. There isn’t even an inking of puncher chances. I’ve seen some barbaric shit in my years as a martial arts fan, and Billy Joe Saunders, who icing Alvarez, who can’t be functionally destroyed, is all ashamed of it. Sanders hasn’t given me any reason to doubt his endurance at least, so he’ll probably enjoy the moral victory of sustaining the distance. Canelo UD-12

And the winner of the staff is …

Edmal Holland / Matchroom

Canelo Alvarez (3-0)!

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Canelo vs. Sanders Prediction: Who Will Win the Battle? Canelo vs. Sanders Prediction: Who Will Win the Battle?

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