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By Matt Lieberman: Canelo Alvarez He has signed two fighting contracts for his work with DAZN and matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn to fight Avni Jurdilim February 27, and Billy Joe Saunders Cinco de Mayo weekend in May.

According to Mike Copinger, both battles of Alvarez (54-1-1, 36 KO) will appear on DAZN as part of the trade in the two battles. Canelo trainer / manager Eddy Reynoso is negotiating a two-match deal at DAZN with Matchroom Boxing USA promoter Eddie Hearn.

The February 27th WBA / WBC Upper Middleweight Champion Canero and his WBC-required Ildilim (21-2, 12 KO) will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is the hometown of Canero, 30 years old.

Fans are not interested in Yildirim & Saunders

If Canero defeats Ildilim and Sanders, he will probably face the IBF super middleweight champion. Caleb Plant Holiday weekend of Mexican Independence Day in September 2021. Canero vs. Plant will be an undisputed championship at 168.

What is lost in the translation here Neither of these two battles has been demanded by the boxing public From Canero. Fans want to see Canero face quality opponents like these guys:

  • Gennady Golovkin
  • Jermall Charlo
  • Demetrius Andrade
  • David Benavidez
  • Errol Penens Junior
  • Artur Beterbiev
  • Dimitry Bivol

Billy Joe Saunders Canelo Alvarez Eddie Hearn

WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders (30-0, 14 KO) aims to ruin Canero’s dream of consolidating the £ 168 division. Sanders has a tricky fighting style that can cause problems for Canero, but he’s not a puncher.

Compared to Canero’s last opponent, Callum Smith Sanders, he is globally superior in boxing skills and ring cleverness.

You won’t see Sanders leaning on the ropes for 12 rounds and fighting to fend off his attacks, as Calm did against Canero.

Billie Joe becomes tricky

Sanders keeps the action in the center of the ring and looks at Canero’s outbox. Whether Sanders can win the decision against Canero is another matter.

In Canero’s career, I’ve already seen many times that it’s almost impossible to make a decision against him. It’s not because he can’t get out of the box. It’s the case of judges like what they saw from Canero, unaware of how other parts of the world see the fight.

It’s interesting that Canero left DAZN for payment issues, and now he’s signing two fighting contracts with them to fight low-level opposition.

Hopefully, for DAZN, they haven’t paid Alvarez a fortune in these battles with Yildirim and Saunders. Because neither of these battles is likely to bring in a large number of subscribers.

Billy Joe Saunders Canelo Alvarez Eddie Hearn

If DAZN intends to pay Canero a huge amount of money for each fight, they should insist that fans fight the guy who wants to see him fight.

Yildirim is out of two-year furlough

It’s a shame that Canero is trying to protect against the losing Ildilim Anthony Dirrell last year. Curiously, the World Boxing Council kept Yildirim obligatory at 168, despite the loss.

When Ildilim faced Canero in February 2021, he would have been out of the ring for two years. Let’s sink it for a moment. Do you think Ildilim can give Canero a two-year furlough?

If you’re DAZN, you have to worry at least a little about the people who subscribe to their platform. If you’re going to pay to see a slope like Canelo vs. Ildilim, they may not be very happy, especially considering how poor Alvarez’s final battle was against Callum Smith.

He was the man Canero touted as the number one fighter at 168, but he obviously wasn’t. It would have been nice if Canero admitted that Calum was an easy payday for him.

In the way Calm fought, you can claim that he is a bottom 10 fighter and better than that. He is certainly not number one.

That’s why it’s important that DAZN doesn’t let Canero fight poor enemies over and over again. Because if they forgive him, I think he will.

Since the controversial 12-round decision defeated Gennady Golovkin in 2018, he hasn’t really wanted to take on someone who could beat him lately.

Boxing fans aren’t excited to see Canero face this guy at DAZN, except that Ildilim did zero to deserve the title shot. For those who know Yildirim, I remember his third knockout defeat against Chris Eubank Jr in 2017.

Yildirim’s ring record = very poor

This was one of the only two world-class opponents Irdilim faced during his career. His other global opponent was Anthony Dirrell, who defeated him in 10 rounds on February 209 last year.

Il Dilim was unboxed by 36-year-old Diller until the American was severely cut from his headbutt to his left eye. After the 10th round was over, the fight had to finally be stopped.

Canero is a must-have challenger for his WBC at 168, so he has an excuse to sign to face Ildilim. But it does not escape the fact that it is a terrible fight and probably will not last more than a round or two.

It’s the same excuse that IBF Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin had for his recent title defense against his IBF obligatory Kamil Szeremeta.

It turned out to be a paper mismatch before the battle and it was a terrifying one-sided battle that was remote and uncompetitive.

DAZN clearly relies on casual boxing fans who don’t know how poor the Canero-Ildilim fight is, and they sign up to see it in the hope that it will be interesting. I will. It’s not. Yildirim is not ranked in the top 15t super middleweight, not to mention being ranked number one in the WBC.

Avni Jurdilim’s best career wins

  • Lorenga Mock
  • Marco Antonio Perivan
  • Aaron Pryor Jr.
  • Jeanne Forceman
  • Walter Gabriel Seceira

Mock and Johnson were both in their mid-40s when Ildilim fought them. Yildirim is unlikely to beat these two world-class fighters when they were both prime ministers, as they were so talented when they were young.

Unfortunately, by the time Ildilim fought them, they were far beyond the prime minister. That said, it’s not a little annoying that Yildirim’s management used these people as his opponents rather than joining them with the top candidates.

To make matters worse, the WBC is based on the victory there, rather than waiting until it proves that Yildirim deserves to be ranked by defeating the quality opposition he hasn’t made during his career. Gave a high rank to. Welcome to boxing.

The plus side of Canero’s short battle between Ildilim and Sanders is that they don’t have a long buildup.

Will Canero start a good fight against fans in 2022?

They finish quickly in a short period of time, and the boxing public doesn’t have to suffer through matchroom boxing and a long and boring marketing campaign by DAZN for two battles they have little interest in seeing.

Going forward, if Canero becomes the undisputed £ 168 champion in 2021, it will be exciting to see what his next move will be. Will Canero continue to play against guys like Ildrim, Callum Smith, and Sanders, or will they fight the public boxing fight they want to see him?

Billy Joe Saunders Canelo Alvarez Eddie Hearn

Given how Golovkin has caused Canero in the past, Canero could keep him waiting instead of facing him.

Another reason Canero keeps Golovkin waiting is to make him older before he faces him again, in order to reduce his risk. GGG will be 39 years old next April.

If Canero deep-freezes GGG until 2022, he will be 40 and could have less trouble than if he fought him in early 2021.

Whether Canero succeeded in defeating Sanders and the plant to become the undisputed champion in 2021 is to face the welterweight Errol Spence Jr. in early 2022.

If Canero beats Spence, he will face pressure from boxing fans and will take on Jermall Charlo, Demetrius Andrade, and of course Golovkin. Of these three, Andrade is less dangerous and may come first.

Billy Joe Saunders Canelo Alvarez Eddie Hearn

As far as former WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez goes, he could be permanently frozen by Caneros manager Edelanoso, as he is as bad a match for him as Bivol and Beterbiev.

Reynoso chose not to match Canero with either of these two when he climbed to 175 to win the world title.

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Canero fights Ildilim on February 27th and Sanders in Dozen in May ⋆ Boxing News 24 Canero fights Ildilim on February 27th and Sanders in Dozen in May ⋆ Boxing News 24

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