Can’t you resist the ugly Christmas sweater? Lidl’s Got You Covered In Animal Crossing

Discount supermarket chain Lidl has become generous this year, distributing traditional Christmas jumpers to Nintendo Switch owners completely free of charge. Free stuff!

catch? Well, in addition to the fact that it’s horribly flashy (There is no other way), It’s also digital only.Yes, if you somehow miss the headline and lead image, it’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Custom designs for your islanders to wear this holiday season.

Jumpers featured in supermarket seasonal ads could be physically purchased for a very reasonable £ 7.99 until demand was reported to have exceeded supply. Fortunately, the whole world (or at least Animal Crossing players) can now get the most unlikely necessities of the season.

Englishman Twitter account For the chain, tweet the following in a cute little video featuring their festive offerings:

As mentioned above, to get this itchy nightmare, you need to enter the code “MO-PLTS-4L5V-N1XR” at the Able Sisters Shop terminal.

Since the game was released in March, Animal Crossing’s custom designs have certainly accounted for a significant proportion. Many of them are very impressive, but even after these months, they are still smiling. Come on, we say.

Let us know below if you or someone in your family will sports this monster digitally or otherwise during the holidays!

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