Capcom Arcade Stadium-Full lineup of games

In just a few months, Capcom Arcade Stadium will head to Switch. Over 30 classic titles will be available.

After downloading Capcom Arcade Stadium, players will have access to the 1943 Free Edition: Battle of Midway. You can also purchase the standalone Ghosts’n Goblins add-on.

What’s more, fans can buy a variety of packs of Capcom Arcade Classic for decades. There are a total of three, each containing 10 games. The lineup is as follows.

Pack 1: Dawn of the Arcade (’84 ’88)

– Vargas
– Pirate Ship Higemaru
– 1942
– Commando
– Section Z
– Tatakai’s Bunka
– Legendary wings
– Bionic Commando
– Lost World
– Great Makai Village

Pack 2: Arcade Revolution (’89 ’92)

– Strider
– Eat heaven and earth
– Final Fight
– 1941: Counter Attack
– Mercs II
– Mega Twins
– Carrier Air Wing
– Street Fighter II: Warriors of the World
– Captain Commando
– Verse: Operation Thunderstorm

Pack 3: Arcade Evolution (’92 ’01)

– Fateful warriors
– Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting
– Super Street Fighter II Turbo
– Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment
– Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness
– 19XX: Battle of Destiny
– Battle Circuit
– Giga Wing
– 1944 Loop Master
– Progear

Capcom Arcade Stadium is scheduled to switch in February 2021.

Capcom Arcade Stadium – full lineup of games

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