Capcom may have postponed the announcement of the important Mega Man Battle Network

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The· Rockman Exe The series celebrated its 20th anniversary last week, and although it didn’t seem like there was much new announcement, it seemed to be intended to be seen. something It was shared with a fan base that seems to have been postponed due to a pandemic.

This information is translated from the official Japanese Rockman Unity blog, from the longtime fan site Rockman Corner. Here’s exactly what Capcom’s Ucchy had to say:

“If the world didn’t get into this situation, if the world didn’t get into that situation, I might have announced another plan, but I think I should put up with it now.

“Of course, hand washing, gargling, and social distance are also important. After all, it’s always Rockman who overcomes the virus!”

So Capcom may have something It was planned for the Rockman.EXE series (known in Japan), but now we are asking fans to wait patiently while the development team and the industry as a whole are dealing with these added difficulties.

The Rockman Corner believes nothing has been canceled, but the same sources speculate that it will take some time before something is properly announced. In other words, Relax..

“That is, if you are trying to make a hypothesis (like many of us), Legacy collection News, you can breathe. “

What do you want to see next from this particular series? What about Rockman in general? Please leave your thoughts below.

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