Capcom works with Japanese police to force children to stop smoking weeds

Capcom is working with local police in Osaka on a new campaign to encourage young people to quit smoking weeds using Ace Attorney characters.

Capcom is working in collaboration with the Osaka Prefectural Police Department’s Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Awareness Program. The publisher said it is playing a role in “controlling increasing marijuana abuse among minors through collaboration with authorities” (via IGN).

Capcom has created over 6,000 original posters and 4,000 leaflets on marijuana abuse that come with “individually wrapped face masks.” It will be distributed at stations and educational institutions in Osaka from December 9th. The posters and leaflets will feature the characters from Ace Attorney, the latest in the series.

In fact, since 2013, Capcom has been cooperating with the Osaka Prefectural Police Department and police groups in other regions to support the “Crime Prevention Awareness Campaign.”

“This year, we received a request from the Osaka Prefectural Police to use the characters from the popular Ace Attorney series for the first time to prevent marijuana abuse, which has a noticeable shift to young people,” Capcom said.

In 2019, Capcom worked with local police to use Street Fighter characters and encouraged young people to register to become police officers.

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