Capcom’s E3 lineup includes more Resident Evil Villages

The E3 2021 is approaching faster than I feel comfortable, but I’m also just anxious to get started already in a hurry. Another step towards that: Capcom has announced a showcase lineup (probably part of it).

On Monday, June 14th, at PDT 2: 30 pm / EST 5: 30 pm / BST 10:30 pm, you can watch news of the Great Reversal Trial Chronicle, Monster Hunter Stories 2, Monster Hunter Rise, and Resident Evil Village.

Capcom announced the lineup with tweets and short videos.

If the “most improved game publisher” has a prize, Capcom must be a competitor. When I started writing about the game 15 years ago, they still had Street Fighter and Resident Evil, but spending a lot of time trying to get foreigners to care for Onimusha by including Jean Reno. Spent. Certainly a good way to appeal to your father-and if Jean Reno was also involved, Lost Planet would definitely have been better-but it wasn’t a long-term winning strategy.

All games in the lineup have been released, or at least a known amount, but not yet. I’m looking forward to Ryuichi Naruhodo even more. I’m looking forward to more Monster Hunters-although Monster Hunter Rise will be on PC sometime next year. I’m looking forward to Resident Evil Village more. Opinions are divided At the time of release, it was certainly not boring.

The question is what else Capcom has at the show. Onimusha 6 starring Brendan Gleeson?

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