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Unfortunately, the Capcom Group’s network was recently compromised by ransomware, but thankfully, customer information was not compromised. Details of what was found are published online and can be freely viewed (links will not be posted). Interestingly, Capcom is planning a new Ace Attorney collection for the Nintendo Switch platform. Thank you to all franchise fans who are disappointed that they haven’t received it yet. Monster Hunter Rise, limited to Nintendo Switch, will also appear on PC in 2021 along with Monster Hunter Stories 2. The switch has revealed that amiibo support is planned.

Leak overview (via reset era):

  • Details of Resident Evil Village (current generation release, April release, pre-release demo)
  • Internally a new multiplayer biohazard called Project Highway / Village Online. It’s a kind of battle royale.
  • New Ace Attorney Collection for PS4 and Switch (AA1-3 and DGS1-2)
  • New project codenamed “GUILLOTINE” for Switch in February and other platforms in May
  • May unreleased project “Reiwa”, platform not mentioned
  • PC version of Monster Hunter Rise (?) Released in October 2021 Switch demo in January and March
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2 on your PC. Targeted for Switch / PC release in June 2021. Single player, online co-op, PvP mode. Paid DLC expansion, free post-launch cooperation quests, cosmetic MTX, and amiibo support are planned.
  • Resident Evil 4 for Oculus VR
  • A new shooting multiplayer game titled “SHIELD” for streamers
  • Source code for DMC2 and Umbrella Chronicles
  • Stadia has paid Capcom US $ 10 million to bring RE7 and RE8 to the platform. Sony paid $ 5 million for RE7VR / Timed DLC / Demo Exclusive.


Capcom ransomware leak reveals Monster Hunter Rise & Stories 2 coming to PC and new Ace Attorney Collection for Switch

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