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In the first match against the Western Conference team since March 1, 2020, Capitals has processed the popular Colorado Avalanche in the Stanley Cup 6-3... Capitals controlled the pace of play in all situations and eventually scored five goals with equal strength.

Let’s take a look at some of the major advanced analyzes of the overall 5 to 5 performance between the two teams. If you want to know more about the advanced analytical terms used in this post, Glossary.. The statistics for this post are Natural stat trick..

The overall indicators for a 5v5 match against Avalanche are:

There is really only one word that describes this performance by Caps, and that is the predominant one. At all levels, Cap possessed an advantage, creating more shooting attempts, more goals, higher risk chances, and more overall scoring chances.The only period that was relatively close was the third period that only Caps had. 47.83 CF%, But still generate more High risk And the only equal strength goal for that period.

The performance of each row is as follows:

This was the true “coming out party” of the Ovechkin line. Evgeny Kuznetsov was arguably the best step on the ice against an avalanche.

The overall best line of caps was the Cialie-McMichael-Ossy line. They were dominant in every shift, and we regret that their efforts were not rewarded with goals. TJ Ossy hastily created a real opportunity with his creativity, but the line couldn’t be counted.

The Mantha-Eller-Sprong line is a confounding line. They don’t seem to be as compatible as the other three lines have, but they scored tonight and gave a much better advanced statistic compared to their performance against Tampa.

For example, the Eller line set 40 CF%, 28.57 FF%, 0 HDCF%, 50 sF%, 20 SCF%, and 9.37 x GF%. The slight 9.37xGF% of Tampa definitely rose tonight, entering the late 1960s. It’s only a matter of time before these lines break through, or they’re collapsing.

Here’s how the defensive combination went on:

The more you see from the pairing of Van Reamsdik and Schultz, the more impressive they are together. Throughout the three games, we have lined up 60.78 CF%, 61.76 FF%, 63.64 SF%, and 64.99 x GF% to look out for the season.

In reality, all three performances of pairing dominated. It’s quite unusual for an entire team’s defense force to look so solid. There is usually a significant reduction from the team’s top pairing to the third pairing, but not for this season’s caps. All three pairings are balanced and seem to be able to quickly create scoring opportunities and effectively defend.


If you can see more of this season’s performance from Caps this season, you won’t miss the playoffs. At this point, major lineup changes are unlikely to be seen, and Connor McMichael is even more likely to return to the lineup due to the slope in New Jersey on Thursday.

Overall, Capitals looks like a much more refreshed team, primarily due to the accumulation of injuries to the team’s veteran core, after an early end from the playoffs last season. If the cap stays healthy and both goalkeepers continue to maintain solid goal-tending, there is a chance of a playoff run.

By Justin Trudel

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Justin is a lifelong Caps fan and has some of his first memories of the sport watching the team at the USAir Arena and the 1998 Stanley Cup appearance. Justin, now a resident of St. Augustine, Florida, is looking at the cap from a distance. Justin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Towson University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Information Technology from Towson University. Justin is currently a product manager for a non-profit organization in Jacksonville, Florida. Justin enjoys peeking into rostering and managing caps.

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Capitals Stifle Avalanche – See numbers Capitals Stifle Avalanche – See numbers

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